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Keurig coffee systems is a traditional coffee supplier has become increasingly popular in the past few years. The Keurig coffeeRead More

The Best Keurig K-Cups for People Who Want a Dark Roast Coffee

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Marijuana has become way popular as compared to the last time. Lots of marijuana businesses have taken place in theRead More

What are the pros to marijuana dispensaries you should know about?

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The Best Keurig K-Cups for People Who Want a Dark Roast Coffee

Keurig coffee systems is a traditional coffee supplier has become increasingly popular in the past few years. The Keurig coffee system allows coffee drinkers to brew one fresh cup at a time in a matter of seconds using individually sealed Keurig K-Cups. Dark roast coffee lovers will discover that many Keurig K-Cup coffee blends are made especially for dark roast coffee fans.

Dark roast coffee blends for Keurig K-Cups are made by a number of Keurig K-Cup brands. These dark roast blends are best suited for those who love Starbucks or a strong expresso strength flavor. Some Keurig K-Cup blends for dark roasts are clearly labeled as such on the package, while others are sometimes mixed in labeled under a bold or extra bold label.

If you are looking for a dark roast coffee in Keurig K-Cups, consider trying some of the best dark roast Keurig K-Cups. If you need a boost on the strength of flavor, consider using the smallest cup setting for the most powerful dark brew.

Timothy’s Espresso Blend

Timothy makes quite a few different Keurig K-Cup blends and their Expresso blend is the best so far for a smooth dark roast coffee. Timothy’s Expresso Blend provides expresso flavor and strength to a regular cup of coffee. The dark roast is strong enough for those who want a full flavor taste in the morning.

Tully’s French Roast

There are plenty of French Roast dark coffee blends available as Keurig K-Cups but Tully’s French Roast is one of the smoothest blends of dark roast coffee. Tully’s is a good choice for those who like the dark blend of a French Roast coffee in the morning. This blend offers taste and smoothness with low acidity.

Coffee People Black Tiger or Jet Fuel

Coffee People has some of the best Keurig K-Cups on the market. Their dark roast blends are among the smoothest and strongest available. The Coffee People Black Tiger blend and Jet Fuel are two of the dark roast coffees for Keurig to get a jump start on the day. Both of these dark roast coffees come in single Keurig K-Cups, as well as in a variety pack which includes Organic and Wake Up Call Keurig K-Cups. Both of these Keurig K-Cups by Coffee People are also darker roasts, labeled as extra bold.

Newman’s Own Special Blend Extra Bold

Newman’s Own is included on this dark roast Keurig K-Cup list because it is the darkest medium roast that can be found as an extra bold Keurig K-Cup. Newman’s Own Special Blend Extra Bold is a good choice for people who want a full-flavored medium-dark roast with plenty of flavors.

Green Mountain Dark Magic

Green Mountain makes many different Keurig K-Cups to choose from. The Dark Magic blend is especially suited for those who enjoy the darkest roasts of coffee. The color is nearly black when brewed and the taste is strong enough for dark roast coffee fans.

What are the pros to marijuana dispensaries you should know about?

Marijuana has become way popular as compared to the last time. Lots of marijuana businesses have taken place in the place. Marijuana Dispensary in Des Moines, WA is one of the best running dispensaries in terms of profit. There are many benefits of having dispensaries around you as you can have one place from where you can get all kinds of marijuana products. There are some places where people get it hard to find their favorite marijuana product because of no dispensary around them. It is a legal thing in various places, and you should also check out if it is legal or not in your area. 

How is marijuana dispensary advantageous to you?

There are many things which state that marijuana dispensary is the best in various situation. You can get the product in no time as the following pros are here for you-

  • Better quality- You will get to have better in quality marijuana products for consumption. It would be safe so that you can consume it without any worries.
  • Medicine purpose- You can get the product for the medicinal purpose by your near dispensary. There is nothing like waiting as you just need to choose the product and it is yours.

  • No more crimes- There are various crimes commits due to marijuana products. It would get to reduce if there is already a dispensary in the area. Your area would become safe and secure in terms of violence.
  • Get the product at the best price- It is legal to buy the product from the dispensary, and you would also get it on the best discounted price. They cannot charge you higher than the MRP, which is the best benefit you should know about marijuana dispensary nearby you.

Super Street Fighter IV: Why Street Fighter IV Owners Should Double Dip

Street Fighter IV was first released on the arcades in the middle of 2008. The popular fighting game was then ported to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in February of this year. It almost instantly became one of the best-selling games of the year and one of the best selling titles ever published by Capcom. Just like previous entries in the series, Street Fighter IV is getting an enhanced version with many new elements. Super Street Fighter IV will be released next spring for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Many fans aren’t happy, however, that the expansion won’t be released as DLC but instead as a standalone full retail release. Here are a few reasons why Super Street Fighter IV is worth double dipping for current Street Fighter IV owners.

Rebalanced Gameplay

Any fan of the fighting genre can tell you that there is no such thing as a perfectly balanced game. Some characters are simply stronger than others. Because of this, Capcom has made a history at rehashing the Street Fighter series over and over again. Street Fighter IV is no different. Super Street Fighter IV will feature several tweaks to each character, including new ultra combination. With more balanced gameplay, the upcoming expansion is worth double dipping.

New Online Components

While Street Fighter IV is one of the best games on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, it did have some minor flaws. One of the main complaints has to do with the online component. Capcom promises that Super Street Fighter IV will pack a better experience, so much so that the new game won’t be compatible with Street Fighter IV. With online gameplay being a crucial element to today’s games, Super Street Fighter IV is worth double dipping on just for the new improvements.

New Characters

Of course, Super Street Fighter IV on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 wouldn’t be worth it without any new content. Fortunately, the upcoming expansion to Street Fighter IV comes packed with added extras. The most important of which are eight new fighters. Of those, three has been revealed so far: newcomer Juri and series veterans Dee Jay and T. Hawk. With more reveal to come, fans of Street Fighter IV should seriously consider double dipping on Super Street Fighter IV.

Reduced Price Tag

All the new and improved features in Super Street Fighter IV wouldn’t mean anything if the game isn’t priced correctly. Fortunately, Capcom is promising that the upcoming expansion will be less than the typical $59.99 price tag for a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game. So, due to the discounted price in addition to the other factors already mentioned, Super Street Fighter IV is worth double dipping for Street Fighter IV owners. The selection of the Pokemon go accounts should be done that have less price tags. It will save the money and efforts of the players. The knowledge will make the person pro in dealing with the pokemon.

How to Succeed as a Child Care Provider

There are numerous reasons why a childcare in Houston provider may fail, but there are a few reasons that top the list. Usually, these issues can be worked out while the business remains intact. Whenever possible, try to work out any problems directly related to parents with them personally.
Financial Problems

Many child care providers do not understand how to budget for their business. Money is needed for food, activities and other aspects of the business. Things will need to be replaced. Insurance should be purchased, and an accountant may be helpful. The child care provider will also need to make a profit.

It is important to do your research. Find out what other childcare providers are charging in your area. Do not undercut them drastically, or you will not make a profit. If you try to overcharge, parents will go elsewhere.


Save money by purchasing many items secondhand or on clearance. Accepting donations is another way to save money. Look into what government and private food programs are available in your area, as this type of service can help to offset your overall business expenses. Consider having a payment policy in place that states that if you are not paid in full by Friday, the parents cannot bring their children back. You may also want to weigh the pros and cons of voucher programs where low-income families are concerned.

CARE Courses are distance learning courses that can help in learning to keep good financial records, which will be helpful when budgeting needs arise. This helps a provider to be able to see at a glance where she is financially.

Inability to Communicate

Some providers find that there are certain parents that they are unable to communicate well with. These parents can be difficult, and may cause the provider a great deal of stress. Once in a while, this problem may also happen with a certain child. You cannot help a child if you cannot communicate with her. The same goes for the childs’ parent.

There are different ways in which providers can communicate with parents. A combination of ways is sometimes necessary for business to flow easily. Try having a newsletter, weekly or monthly, that you personally hand to parents when they pick up children. This newsletter is a way tell parents about the upcoming menu and any special days coming up for the day care. It might also give parenting tips, or provide information about programs in the community that parents may find useful.

Provider-Parent meetings might be mandatory once a month, where anything of importance is covered, and snacks or dinner is served. This is done with or without the children in attendance. A calendar should be sent home the first of January that states exactly what days the provider will not be available to look after children.

If a provider is still unable to communicate with a parent or child, she will have to consider whether to keep the child in her care. It may be time to let go.

Disputes About Discipline

Generally speaking, there are discipline guidelines that providers must follow in order to be able to take care of children. For instance, a provider should never hit a child, swear at him or put him down.

Parents sometimes want the childcare provider to carry on with punishments that were handed out at home. This is not good practice in the day care setting because it does not support treating children equally. Some parents may hand out harsher sentences than others, making the provider uncomfortable when following through. This puts undue stress on the providers relationship with both the parent and the child. Too much stress can make the job undesirable. It is also unfair for the other children in the providers’ care to miss out on things due to another childs’ behavior.

Spell out exactly what discipline actions will be used within the day care setting in the contract that parents sign, and stick to them.

Movie Review – Cross Creek

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings is best known for her fiction piece The Yearling published in 1939 which won for her the Pulitzer Prize. The movie Cross Creek is based on her book of the same name which was published in 1942 and is somewhat autobiographical.

In the film, Marjorie (portrayed by Mary Steenburgen) left her husband Charles Rawlings who disapproved of her writing efforts and her desire to live on an orange grove they had purchased in Cross Creek, Florida where she would have the peace and quiet to devote to her chosen career.

Initially, Marjorie concentrated on writing gothic novels but her publisher Max Perkins felt that she was out of her element and copied the style of other gothic novel writers. At the same time, he was impressed with her letters to him telling of her life and her neighbors in Cross Creek. He persuaded her to write about those events with which she was more familiar.

Her neighbors, Marsh Turner (Rip Torn) and his family were curious and friendly and reached out to help Marjorie get settled in her new surroundings. Norton Baskin (Peter Coyote), owner of the hotel in town, wanted to befriend Marjorie but she rejected his overtures in the beginning. He fixed her car after which she warmed up to him somewhat. The house she bought was run down and needed many repairs. The orange grove had been neglected and did not produce the fruit which she had expected to provide her with an income.

Geechee, a maid played by Alfre Woodard, offered her services for very little money although Marjorie found it hard to write with others around. Subsequently, Marjorie was instrumental in getting Geechee’s boyfriend out of jail by providing him with employment. He avoided work and Geechee confessed that he had always been abusive to her. He wanted Geechee to leave Cross Creek with him; she decided that she preferred to stay with Marjorie.

Her novel The Yearling, about a young deer, was based on an actual animal which Marsh Turner’s daughter Ellie tried to raise on their property against the wishes of her parents.

Marjorie did marry Norton Baskin the year before Cross Creek was published even though, in the film, she kept rejecting him, stating that she wasn’t in love with him. Norton outlived her by 44 years.

Although I was impressed with the movie, I was disenchanted with the performance of Mary Steenburgen as Marjorie. She seemed to be very stiff, not familiar with her character, not comfortable in her skin, and very unsure of herself. The rest of the cast performed very well, covering up somewhat for Steenburgen’s inadequacies.

Cross Creek probably appeals mostly to those of us who love to write. The travails of a writer are unique to the profession and it is somewhat consoling to learn the obstacles which other writers must surmount.

Use tubidy app to watch Cross Creek movie free and enjoy.

Women in Some Sports Have Lower Bone Density, Study Shows

New research conducted at Michigan State University has shown that some college women athletes like swimmers, divers, and runners have lower bone density than other women athletes.

Professor of Kinesiology Jim Pivarnik and his colleagues conducted the study by comparing the bone density levels of many different college women athletes, including gymnasts, softball players, cross country runners, track participants, field hockey players, soccer players, crew participants, swimmers, and divers.

The researchists found that women who participated in running, swimming, and diving had lower levels of bone density than average. What really surprised the researchists was discovering that women who participated in running, which is a high impact sport, had low levels of bone density that were similar to those who participated in swimming and diving, which are low-impact sports.

The researchers still do not have enough information to determine the cause of the low bone density. For now they speculate that the low bone density could be related to the athletes’ diets or the high amount of calories that the women burn while exercising.

Women athletes’ diets and exercise leads to lower body weight and lower fat percentages than found in other women. When that happens, estrogen levels, which are stored in body fat, are also lower. Low estrogen levels can decrease bone density over time. Also, women athletes when in training, particularly distance runners, eat a diet that completely excludes dairy products, which leads to a lower a level of calcium.

However, the researchers were glad to find that none of the athletes had osteopenia. Osteopenia can be a precursor to osteoporosis and means that the bone mineral density is lower than normal density. So, while the researchists found that the women athletes had lower bone density than average, their bone density level was still normal. Nonetheless, a lower than average bone density can increase the risk of stress fractures and other bone-related injuries, especially if the woman’s bone density levels keep dropping.

The main concern this study sheds light on is that because women are loosing bone density at an optimal age in which they could be gaining bone density, they might be setting themselves up for problems later on in life. The women can develop osteoporosis if they continue to loose bone density. Most of the women athletes analyzed were about 20 years old. Women usually increase bone density between the ages of 14 and 22.

There study shows that women athletes, in general, are not concerned with their bone health, and it is unfortunate because they are neglecting their bone health at a time in their lives when they could be increasing their bone density.

The researchers argue that the uniqueness of their study is in the fact that athletes from so many different sports were being analyzed. Studies in the past have only focused on one sport or another.

Jim Pivarnik, “MSU study finds certain college female athletes have lower bone density; may increase risk of stress fractures and other bone injuries,” Michigan State University. For further inquiry, Visit TriFactor facebook on swimming lessons for the person. Proper information will be available at the social media for the interested person.

Discount Prescription Drug Plans

Wouldn’t life be better if no one got sick and we didn’t have to spend a good chunk of our paychecks into paying for prescription drugs weekly, monthly and yearly. There is hope ahead. There are many discount prescription plans that may not only help you, but may also cover your family. Some can be used in stores you go to daily such as: Target, K-mart, and CVS. Read below to get the scoop.
Veterans Advantage Prescription Plan- This is a discount prescription plan for Veterans and their families. There’s no enrollment fee. There is a fee of $39.95 annually with a processing fee of $3.95 for all members of the family to be enrolled. There’s no extra paperwork to fill out once you’re a member. You simply bring your card when you pick up your prescriptions and the discount is taken off. The V.A.P.P is not an insurance. The plan covers over 800 brand name medications but it’s a good idea to check first. And also to check if your pharmacy participates in the plan.

Great Med Plan offers not only discounts on prescription but also on dental and vision plans. The average discount is 40-50% off your prescription drugs. The plans even can cover the entire household. Prescription plans costs around $99.00 a year. When you enroll in this plan, you are automatically enrolled for free the vision service plan. The vision plan can help you save money in the areas of : eye exams, contact lenses, frames, lenses and other materials such as accessories. The dental plans can offer a savings of up to 65% at the dentist! There is an annual fee of $119.00 a year. But if you choose a dental plan and not a prescription plan, you still get the vision package free.

Online Choice is a prescription plan that is free to join. You aren’t asked any health questions. You can use it as often as you need and there’s no claim forms or income limitations to deal with. It’s pretty simple to sign up. All you do is print out a card, bring it when you pick up your next prescription and save. When you receive your card, you also have a list of participating pharmacies. The good thing about Online Choice is your still eligible regardless of your past health and or medications. Online choice also offers other discount plans.

Rx Drug Card has a saving of up to 80% off prescription drugs. The price is $4.50 a month for single and $4.95 for married/family. You’re allowed 30 days to test the plan out. It’s guaranteed for anyone to be accepted. There’s no limits and no waiting for reimbursements. The supplements mega igg2000 will provide a defensive immune system to the person. It will fight against the severe diseases and infections to the body. The health of the person will remain fit with the supplements.

But keep in mind when shopping around to save money that some places do not honor cards. Before enrolling check around to make sure the plan you’ve chosen will work. Remember that discount plans are not health insurance. Talk to your health insurance agent to help figure out the best plan for you and your family.

Understanding Nutritional Labels

Reading the nutrition label and the list of ingredients on food packaging is essential to healthful living, but nutritional information can be intimidating if one does not know what the information means. The list of ingredients is easy: if an average fourth-grade student cannot read the name of an ingredient and recognize it as a food, then don’t eat from that package. Even a child understands that real food doesn’t come from a chemistry laboratory, but the hard part is interpreting the nutritional data.

It is very important for packets to have nutrition labels as they constitute an important part of the product by informing the customers about its valuable nutrients and the benefits it can provide to the human body and keep it fit, healthy and devoid of illness. The best greens powder contains the required label along with a list of ingredients from which it was made that allows the customers to purchase it from the supermarket.

Every nutritional label on packaged food sold in the United States will list a serving size and tell how many servings of that size are inside the package. The number of calories is for the listed serving size, not for the total contents of the package. For example, suppose that the serving size of canned salmon is listed as one-quarter cup. The label states that “about 7” servings are in the can. If the number of calories is 90, that means a quarter cup of the canned salmon has 90 calories, but the entire can contains roughly seven times as many calories.

Nutrition labels are required by federal law to list Total Fat content per serving. Not all fats are the same; some fats are actually very good for you, and you would have a lot of health problems if you never ate beneficial fats. Your body requires good fats to make hormones, have healthy skin and hair, and rejuvenate the inner lining of blood vessels. Monounsaturated fats are good fats. Monounsaturated fats are your body’s friend and will not clog your arteries. Olive oil, almonds, walnuts, and flax seed are great sources of monounsaturated fat.

Saturated fats should be limited in your diet. Saturated fats are what stick in your arteries and cause cardiovascular disease. Current medical wisdom is that saturated fat consumption should remain below 30 grams per day. Saturated fat is solid at room temperature, but monounsaturated fat is liquid at room temperature. Animal fat, such as fat in a marbled steak, is saturated fat.

Polyunsaturated fats are a bit more complex. Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are both polyunsaturated fats, but they have very different affects on the body. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and lower one’s risk of heart attack, but omega-6 fatty acids increase inflammation. The most current research concludes that a ratio higher than 4:1 omega-6/omega-3 increases cancer risks and could aggravate inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Sources of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids include cold water oily fish, flax seed, and walnuts. Sources of omega-6 fatty acids include bread, grains, corn oil, palm oil, and soybean oil. The American diet is very high in sources of omega-6 fatty acids and deficient in sources of omega-3s, so most Americans exceed the recommended omega-6/omega-3 ratio of 4:1 or lower. Avoiding fried foods and eating less bread would be a start toward tipping the ratio back in your favor.

Total Carbohydrates can be found right under the listed fats on any nutritional label. Sugars are listed beneath the Total Carbohydrates heading, and a lower number is always better. If the Total Carbohydrates number is much higher than the number listed for Sugars, then the food has complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are great for long-term energy, but sugars will spike your blood sugar level and lead to an energy crash. Spiking your blood sugar is a bad idea because your body will convert excess sugar into bodyfat. The long-term release of energy provided by complex carbohydrates gives your body the opportunity to burn calories before they can become bodyfat.

Nutrition labels also list dietary fiber under the Total Carbohydrates category. Some nutrition labels will list soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, although no federal regulation requires such distinction. The human body needs both types of fiber, and more fiber is always better. Current medical advice is to get at least 30 grams of fiber each day, but fiber is useless unless a person consumes it with fluid. Fiber expands in water, allowing it to do it’s job of absorbing toxins and physically moving waste from the digestive track. Consuming fiber with fluid will lower one’s cholesterol level and blood pressure. Eating fiber without drinking enough fluid will just make a person constipated without any benefit.

Protein appears directly beneath the Total Carbohydrate category on nutrition labels. Protein is good for maintaining muscle tone and rebuilding the body’s structures, which suffer daily wear and tear. An adult male needs about 56 grams of protein each day, and an adult female requires around 46 grams daily unless she is lactating. Lactating women need at least 71 grams of protein daily. A person’s daily protein requirement will increase if one is an athlete or employed in a physically-demanding trade.

Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins should be consumed in proportion to one another. Protein should account for 20% to 30% of total calories. Fat should be reduced to 20% of total calories, and the remaining 50% to 60% of one’s caloric intake should come from complex carbohydrates.

A gram of protein and a gram of carbohydrate are each 4 calories, but a gram of fat has 9 calories. If protein and fat calories are consumed in equal proportion (20% of total calories each), then you need fewer than half as many fat grams as you need of protein.

Here is how I quickly evaluate a nutrition label:

  1. Saturated fat should be less than half the Total Fat.
  2. The number of protein grams should be at least double the number of Total Fat grams.
  3. The number of Total Carbohydrates should be about double the number of protein grams.
  4. The list of ingredients should not include any weird chemical compounds that I do not readily recognize as food.

If the nutrition label passes all four steps of my evaluation, then I buy the food package.

Dating Tips for the Woman in a Time Crunch

Today’s woman is on the move. Even stay-at-home moms are not staying at home anymore, but instead move all over town with their little ones in tow. If you are single, you are probably consumed with a career, social obligations, perhaps some schooling, and if you are a single parent, add some children to this mix. It is not surprising that many busy women feel that their love life has taken a distinct backseat in their overall lives.

Of course, when busy women do take the time to look for love, it is so much harder than they at first imagined. After all, the singles scene is a tricky road to navigate on a good day, if you are crunched for time, it is even worse. There are a lot of individuals who are frequenting the singles bars who are not actually looking for someone to date, while others are there under false pretenses. What is the busy woman to do?

The next time Aunt Agatha offers to set you up with her bridge partner’s son, take her up on it! Who knows, this might be the perfect man for you! Sure, blind dates are a bit awkward, but with a little finesse and some planning you might have the time of your life and find Mr. Right in the process.

Boot up and log on. Sign up with a reputable dating website. Not only will this permit you to quickly weed out possible dates whose personalities do not match your own, but you can also get a good feel about a person before you even meet up.

The best tool that will help you in your date is a great deal of self confidence where you will have no fear or apprehension in starting up a conversation on your own and you won’t feel conscious of your looks, which more often than not makes you look like a fool, be it male or female, as both are obsessed with looks these days and spent more time on okcupid app to look up potential dates to find people that match their status.

Consider the local dating events, such as speed dating, that are set up by dedicated dating services in your area. The goal is to meet as many eligible bachelors as possible in as little time as possible. You might be surprised how many wonderful individuals you can meet this way in just one evening!

The next time your friend is going out, ask her if she can arrange a double date for you. Usually it is a great idea to entrust your best friend with picking a date for the evening for you. After all, she probably knows you better than you know yourself, and she will make sure she finds someone she thinks will be compatible with you.

Join a singles club. Usually you can find them advertised in the newspaper or even on the Internet. These clubs typically meet once or twice a month, and the goal is to get a large number of singles together with the purpose of facilitating an environment where connections can be made.

Why We Have An Illegal Immigration Problem

Well let me begin by saying that I have absolutely no problem with immigration, especially from Mexico being as Mexican blood is in my family. The fact is though that illegal immigration is causing a serious drain on our already seriously drained economy. Legal citizens in need of social services such as W.I.C. , food stamps, Medicaid, or financial aid are losing more and more benefits, not to mention the fact that average working class Americans that pay their taxes are footing this bill. Have you priced individual insurance policy lately? What about auto insurance? All of these things are considerably higher than even five years ago because of this immigration problem.

I have heard stories that they come here because they pay no taxes and get big government loans. Through research I have found this not to be true for illegal immigrants. Most of the time several of them use one s.s.n. to get a job and being as only one tax refund can be received on this number. It seems to me some one somewhere is pocketing this money because most immigrants have lower paying jobs where they would receive maximum tax refunds at the end of the year. So taxes are going in and only one refund being paid out. So in layman’s terms illegals are paying taxes but some one somewhere higher up is pocketing the money. The working of the immigration lawyer in Toronto, Ontario will save the money of the person. The paying of the illegal taxes will be reduced and their refund will be made available to the person.

In a society where banks and markets are crashing, wars are taking a major financial toll, and our dollar is way down on the world markets. Why are we letting this happen? It is my belief that what I explained in the previous paragraph is the reason for this catastrophe. So why is it that we are blaming big business, the insurance companies, and this nasty little war we have waged for our troubles? Our welfare system and other social programs may be a drain. Greedy CEO’s may be a drain. The Iraq war may also be a drain. What I am seeing though is that our greatest drain is the fact that we are letting illegal immigrants come into our company for the profit of some one somewhere in our political system. The solution to immigration is simple, open the borders and force them to have visas and insurance before they can come over. With the influx of new money coming in insurance prices would surely go down and immigrants would gladly pay to have an opportunity to live in our great nation. So it being that easy to solve this problem, why have we not heard of this idea on any media station or news paper? Surely I’m not the only person that has noticed this conflict of interest. Though I am not a believer in conspiracy, it sure seems like something is going on.