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Monday, March 16th, 2020


Why We Have An Illegal Immigration Problem

Well let me begin by saying that I have absolutely no problem with immigration, especially from Mexico being as Mexican blood is in my family. The fact is though that illegal immigration is causing a serious drain on our already seriously drained economy. Legal citizens in need of social services such as W.I.C. , food stamps, Medicaid, or financial aid are losing more and more benefits, not to mention the fact that average working class Americans that pay their taxes are footing this bill. Have you priced individual insurance policyRead More

Are Social Networks Encapsulating Us More Than They Are Freeing Us?

Yeah, all we hear about these days is Web 2.0 rhetoric and ideas at how what used to be great social networking websites digress into a nice means for some enterprising individuals to create the next great Internet opportunity. I remember when if you wanted to make money through communication technology, you simply charged for the service or platform that people were communicating through. These days people feel that advertising perhaps could be part of the mix, which is sad because people like to know when they’re being marketed toRead More

Mental Health Risks May Outweigh Benefits of Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

What is Genetic Testing? Genetic Testing is the scientific breakthrough of testing a person’s DNA or other genetic markers to discover information about the person’s genetic makeup. Genetic testing has been developed to serve a variety of purposes, including DNA testing to identify one’s parents, to identify a person post-mortem, and to screen the likelihood of a person contracting a specific condition or disease. While some diseases can be absolutely detected during genetic testing, other genetic tests, such as testing for breast cancer, can only predict whether a person hasRead More