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Tuesday, March 17th, 2020


Discount Prescription Drug Plans

Wouldn’t life be better if no one got sick and we didn’t have to spend a good chunk of our paychecks into paying for prescription drugs weekly, monthly and yearly. There is hope ahead. There are many discount prescription plans that may not only help you, but may also cover your family. Some can be used in stores you go to daily such as: Target, K-mart, and CVS. Read below to get the scoop. Veterans Advantage Prescription Plan- This is a discount prescription plan for Veterans and their families. There’sRead More

Understanding Nutritional Labels

Reading the nutrition label and the list of ingredients on food packaging is essential to healthful living, but nutritional information can be intimidating if one does not know what the information means. The list of ingredients is easy: if an average fourth-grade student cannot read the name of an ingredient and recognize it as a food, then don’t eat from that package. Even a child understands that real food doesn’t come from a chemistry laboratory, but the hard part is interpreting the nutritional data. It is very important for packetsRead More

Dating Tips for the Woman in a Time Crunch

Today’s woman is on the move. Even stay-at-home moms are not staying at home anymore, but instead move all over town with their little ones in tow. If you are single, you are probably consumed with a career, social obligations, perhaps some schooling, and if you are a single parent, add some children to this mix. It is not surprising that many busy women feel that their love life has taken a distinct backseat in their overall lives. Of course, when busy women do take the time to look forRead More