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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020


Update Your Old Fashioned Resume

No matter what kind of job you’re looking for, your resume is always the first impression you convey to a potential employer. And while resume styles don’t change overnight like clothing, cars, or commercials, the accepted conventions of resume writing continue to evolve. People who read a lot of resumes — human resources people and hiring managers — can spot a dated resume at a glance. Watch these classic signs of an old-fashioned resume and banish them from yours. Stuffy Language Blame it on lack of time, declining English skills,Read More

Things that Will Hurt Your Credit Dramatically

Anyone with credit already knows the negative effects associated with not paying your bills on time and things like bankruptcy. Most people do not realize the difference in how each of the credit reporting agencies report. Each of them sees various debts as more significant. The same thing applies to other flaws within your credit report. Regardless of how each of the credit bureaus report, there are some things that you should always avoid getting on your report. These types of things are damaging and hard to get rid ofRead More

Choosing Content Filled Topics to Write About in Your Article

So we have defined our target audience, and we have picked out our most relevant keywords, it is time to choose our topic to write about. Choose one of your long-tailed keywords that you would like to use, and this will be the topic of your article. Here is an example, say your long-tailed keyword is ” Best Top Tier home based business” than your topic could be “How to find the Best top tier home based business opportunity” or something like this, “How do you know this is theRead More