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Friday, July 31st, 2020


Produce More Collagen? Don’t Get Taken in by Ads

There are numerous websites putting forth convincing theories on how to make the body produce collagen. These are, actually, advertisement gimmicks. They are, in fact, trying to get you to buy their bio-available collagen products. What exactly are these products? Do they actually improve the look of one’s skin? Do these products do anything positive? These are advertisements which in fact brainwash one into believing that just taking their products would help the body produce collagen. The message that they try to convey is very simple, straightforward forward and convincingRead More

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive in Desperate Times.

All marriages go through tough periods. Marriage problems, at times, seem to be impossible to resolve. Maybe your spouse has had an affair, it could be a financial difficulty or perhaps the love in your relationship has disappeared. Whatever the reason for your marriage troubles, don’t give up, your marriage doesn’t have to end. But, how do you keep hope alive even when you think all is lost? Solutions to marriage problems can be found if you look hard enough and you’re willing to take action. Surprisingly, many marital relationshipsRead More