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5 Dog Grooming Tools that Will Make You and Your Dog Happy

Dogs might be known as man’s best friend, but they are more like children. This is never more obvious than when you break out the grooming tools and groom your dog. Grooming your dog on a regular basis is a good thing to do for your dog and for you. Keeping up on the grooming of your dog, improves your dog’s health of the skin and coat, and helps diminish chances that your dog will have scratches and other skin problems. The most important part of dog care is making sure you have the dog grooming tools. Most dogs aren’t exactly thrilled by the idea of getting groomed like they are about going for a ride in the car. You must make the experience as easy and relaxing as possible for them, even though they like to get freaked out just when they see bath water running in their little tub. Proper dog grooming includes hair removal, nail clipping and bathing. Are you ready to groom your dog? Well, let’s go over some dog grooming tools you will need.

Wire Pin Brushes – Brushing your dog is always a good place to start with using your dog grooming tools. It is suggested by many experts that you try to brush your dog at least three times a week, but brushing him or her daily wouldn’t hurt. Plus, it is a great way to make sure you interact with your dog every day. The wire pin brushes are best for medium to long hair and those with silky, curly, or woolly coats. For only $10 at Doctor’s FosterĀ  amp; Smith you can get a 9-piece dog brush kit that includes this, a slicker brush and a bristle brush.

Slicker Brushes – Your dog will not be your biggest fan while using these brushes, but they are a necessity for any dog that has some matted hair. Slicker brushes are incredible at removing all mats and tangles. Your buddy will thank you later.

Bristle Brushes – This dog-grooming tool should only be used for short hair dogs. Please don’t try this brush on your sheep dog. The brush is best used after other brushes, to finish off the grooming process. Bristle brushes stimulate the skin of small dogs and other dogs with sensitive skin, helping produce a nice healthy coat. Preparing the kit of your pet is just like the frog pets DIY paludarium setup class, it must be done properly and accordingly.

Nail Clippers – You can’t slack on trimming your dog’s nails. As much as your dog will struggle with you as you go to trim it’s nails, it must be done. When a dog’s nails grow too long, they curl over and it becomes painful for the dog to walk on them. There are a ton of different nail clippers out there and your best bet is to just head to your local Petsmart and find a pair that will be comfortable for you, and fit your dog’s size. A nice pair will only run you about $13.PediPaws Nail Trimmer or Dremel – This is an alternative to using nail clippers. I’ve heard mixed things about how good of a dog grooming tool PediPaws is. It is cheap and works, but not nearly as well as a plain old dremel. If you are scared to try a dremel, you can search PediPaws on and get one for less then $10, but do remember, I warned you a dremel is a way better option. A lot of people would gawk at using a dremel to trim a dog’s nails, but it actually works well. The only problem is getting your dog not to be scared of it, so you can show him it doesn’t hurt.

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