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Abandoned Dogs When They Are Left Without Homes

If you have ever witnessed the panic that overcomes a small child when she turns around in a busy mall to find her mother is not where she thought she was, you’ll have some understanding of the fear a dog feels when he is suddenly abandoned.

The child who can’t find her mother in a store may sob, scream, stamp her feet, and wail. Her mum, who is really only a few feet away, comes running to her aid and the crisis is over. The tears dry up, the sobs wane, and in a few minutes the child is all smiles again.

An abandoned dog cannot wail and run to a friendly mall staff member. He doesn’t have the words to ask for help. He is in as much distress as any lost child. Dogs who are more vocal may whine or whimper and run about looking for a familiar face or voice; timid ones don’t often make any noise, may cower and hide.

Even dogs that always seem to be making a bid for freedom from their homes do not realize the consequences of their attempts. Just because he always seems to be trying to slip out the house door, it does not mean he can survive without you.

A domesticated dog depends on his human caregivers for food, water, shelter, and medication (if any). If he is abandoned or lost, terrible things can happen to him.

What Can Happen To Abandoned Dogs

A domesticated dog is very different from a wild one. He does not know how to fend for himself. He might barely know how to hunt for food to stay alive. If abandoned, he is vulnerable to countless dangers. The dog…

may be attacked by predators or territorial animals of his own species. Even if he does not die from an attack, the resulting wounds may slowly infect and kill him.

  • may be abused by cruel people.
  • may wander onto the roads and be hit by a vehicle.
  • may die of heatstroke or freeze to death.
  • may die from thirst or starvation.
  • may suffer the pain of disease, infections or injury.
  • will be bewildered, disorientated and unable to defend himself.

If you can no longer care for your dog, never abandon him. Try to have him rehomed by putting up advertisements on local papers, community sign board or spread the word in your neighborhood and office. This will allow him to look for a new owner that can give him what he needs like cbd oil for dogs and take a good care of him. If this is unsuccessful, contact your local animal shelters and have them help you rehome your dog. Only all else fail, take the dog to the SPCA or a veterinarian to have him put down. I’m not in favor of this route especially if the dog is in perfect health, I’m sure many zealous dog lovers share my sentiment. Some may think it is extreme to euthanize a dog if he can’t be rehomed, however getting dog with quick and humane death “is infinitely” preferable to a long-drawn-out one.

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