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All You Need To Know About Wood Briquette

What is a wood briquette?

Wood briquettes are a fuel source made from seasoned and compacted wood. They get made from waste wood or by-products and machine compressed into a log or block shape, usually with no added ingredient, although they may have added materials such as peat, fern or coffee. Briquettes are customarily get made from any biomass material.

Uses of wood briquettes

The wood briquette, like the pellet, is made up of chipped wood scraps. The briquette can be used successfully in traditional furnaces and substitute firewood. The low moisture content means that the calorific value of briquettes is higher than that of wood.

The density of the wood material in the product causes the briquette to burn gradually and slowly. Briquette is a type of dry fuel, and this is its most significant advantage.

Wood must be aged to burn well. One ton of briquettes is equivalent to 4 cubic meters of seasoned, ready-to-burn wood. In addition, when buying wood, you should make an effort to replace, age and dry, preferably 1-3 years. And the briquette, once purchased, is ready for use immediately.

Benefits of using wood briquette

  • Combustion

Ordinary firewood naturally holds moisture, bark, knots and resin, making the burning uneven and challenging to control. While wood briquettes (due to heavy compression) burns steadily, slowly and in a controlled manner, starting from the surface wood briquettes.

  • Moisture content

The moisture content of wood briquettes is very restricted, usually around 68%. Briquettes will release more energy per pound than conventional firewood (with an 18% moisture content), so you will not have to worry if the wood briquettes bought by you are dry enough to fire.

Tume puitbrikett is often made from pine, oak and beech wood. Wood from briquettes is generally waste from wood and furniture manufacturing. Sometimes wood briquettes are made from peat and coconut.

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