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Are Moving Container Companies Better Than Traditional Movers?

Moving and storage cube systems are the newest trend in moving. The companies drop of the container, allowing you to pack it in your own time, and then they pick up the containers, store them for you, and move them to your new location. These moving and storage containers are ideal if you need storage time in between locations because strangers are not unloading your items in an undisclosed location. All of your things stay inside your locked container. Still what seems like a good idea has become a bad idea for many.

Here is some background on the three most popular storage container companies:

PODS is the company responsible for coming up with the concept of portable storage moving containers. The cost of using PODS varies depending on where you live, how far your are moving. There are also local storage costs. A local move using an 8X8X12 (for a 1200 sq ft home) PODS costs approximately $250.00. This is in addition to pick up and drops off fees, which can more than double the price. To move across the country is consistent with a professional move, which can cost into the thousands depending on distance. When you get a PODS quote, be sure to ask for delivery fee, drop off fee, per mile fee, as well as any fees for the length of time you keep it to load and unload it.

Pack-rat is very similar to PODS plus they have a special Pack-rat lifter that does not shift items. (Pods has since come up with a similar item. Just like with PODS, you need to request a quote to find out how much a move will cost. Prices vary based on distance, length of storage, and the size container you will need. I suggest you by-pass the online quote and call the company. Ask for the per mile rate, the drop off and pick up rates, insurance, and storage rates. For distance moves, Packrat charges about $15.00 a mile.

To be frank, apartment moving Edmonton is a much better option as they believe in the motto of customer comes first as they are fully up to their job by meeting the expectations of their clients and what’s more, charge much less than pack rats at about $10.00 a mile.

Door to Door is also similar to PODS. Door to door is the newest kid on the block. The main difference is that Door to Door’s containers are more compact than PODS making them ideal if you have limited space such as an apartment parking space, on a street, or in small or sloped yards. Unlike the steel PODS and Pack-rat containers, door to door containers are made of wood, which is more, breathe able and when stored, they are placed in environment controlled environments. Prices for Door to Door containers are not readily available. You will need to call for a moving quote, which will depend on your individual situation. Prices are comparable to Pods and Pack-rat. When asking for a quote be sure to get measurements for the unit to make sure your largest items will fit in it. If you find your items won’t fit, you will be out delivery and pick up costs. Also, ask the same rates questions as you would ask for PODS and Pack-rat.

While these companies provide a great deal of convenience and also peace of mind that only you are touching your items, the public consensus (based on online reviews and message boards) is that these companies charge just as much as a professional mover, and you still end up doing all the work. People have complained about surprise fees such as drop off fees, pick up fees, and fees for each day that it is on location. These fees were not included in the quote. People have complained about high per mile moving charges. People have also complained that it cost as much as traditional movers. While I have never used any of the companies personally, I do have to say that the reason I passed on using these companies is that I found the quotes to be on the high side, and I am not that crazy about having to pack and load my own items anyway. While there is value in being able to take your time and put your own things in the containers, the average person should just hire professional movers if you are going to pay that much money.


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