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Are Social Networks Encapsulating Us More Than They Are Freeing Us?

Yeah, all we hear about these days is Web 2.0 rhetoric and ideas at how what used to be great social networking websites digress into a nice means for some enterprising individuals to create the next great Internet opportunity. I remember when if you wanted to make money through communication technology, you simply charged for the service or platform that people were communicating through. These days people feel that advertising perhaps could be part of the mix, which is sad because people like to know when they’re being marketed toRead More

Mental Health Risks May Outweigh Benefits of Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

What is Genetic Testing? Genetic Testing is the scientific breakthrough of testing a person’s DNA or other genetic markers to discover information about the person’s genetic makeup. Genetic testing has been developed to serve a variety of purposes, including DNA testing to identify one’s parents, to identify a person post-mortem, and to screen the likelihood of a person contracting a specific condition or disease. While some diseases can be absolutely detected during genetic testing, other genetic tests, such as testing for breast cancer, can only predict whether a person hasRead More

4 benefits of using VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network came as a solution to the internet users’ plea for protecting their online activities and maintaining confidentiality. VPN therefore is a secure way for users to send and receive data through internet in a confidential way. Thus VPN provides you the internet freedom which everyone craves for. Major VPN services could be found such as torguard. It not only provides various subscription plans but torguard coupon too attracts various users to go for this VPN service. Due to the evolving demands of users for securityRead More

The Best 4 Bitcoin Trading Strategies

In any type of investment, strategies are very crucial as the way to approach your investments scheme is the basis of how much money you will get. Of course, if you have quality strategies, you will earn more profit otherwise, you will have a hard time growing your money. This principle also applies to Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading has been getting popularity over time and a lot of people are getting interested in entering the realm if cryptocurrency. Not sure whether to trust bitcoin evolution? You are in the rightRead More

Best Holiday Gadgets For The Guys

Sometime in the next month – maybe even on that stampede we call Black Friday – you will find yourself in an electronics store searching for something great to give the men in your life and when that moment arrives, chances are you will want two things out of your shopping experience. First, you’ll want to get that one gift that will make his eyes pop and jaw drop on Christmas morning when the family gathers around the tree, and second, you’ll want to get the heck out of thatRead More

Product Review: Community Coffee Dark Roast

Community Coffee Dark Roast is usually the coffee of choice in Louisiana. Community Coffee has been a family owned business in Louisiana for over 85 years. It started out when one of the brothers of a local store started buying whole coffee beans, grinding them and re-selling in the family store. He named this blend “Community” after the local community of friends and family who frequented the store. The coffee became so popular that it was soon being delivered by buggy and wagon all over the southern parts of theRead More

Sleep Eating: Causes And Treatments

Sleep eating, also called sleep-related eating disorder, nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, or sleep eating syndrome, is a disorder in which a person eats during their sleep. The person engages in sleep walking in order to get to the kitchen or other place where food is kept and then eats, usually large amounts of food, while still asleep. Sleep eating may be caused by a number of things. Sleep eaters are often overweight and are often dieting at the time of the sleep eating episodes. Sleep eaters may be experiencing stressfulRead More

How To Get Free Stuff in Online Auctions Through Listia

Have you heard about Listia? Two entrepreneurial Sunnyvale Californians came up with the idea and it launched in August of 2009, an online auction site for totally free stuff. Some of the items offered are nice (think iPods, Laptops and expensive jewelry) and some of them are just plain silly (think bobble head dolls), but all of it is free for the taking. So how does it work? Just sign up for an account. You’ll get at present 50 credits just for signing up. You can also get credits byRead More

Hotel Spa Packages in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers more than casinos and gambling. The sophisticated hotels of Las Vegas also offer pampering spa treatments. These hotels offer ideal relaxing respites from the frenetic nightlife and shows. The hotels on this list do not include all of the hotels with spas in Las Vegas. These are some of the hotels that are offering spa packages. The Venetian 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 702-414-1000 One of the world’s finest luxury resorts offers cuisine at 19 remarkable restaurants including celebrity chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, ThomasRead More

Homes In Middletown Connecticut

Middletown is a city in Middlesex County Connecticut and about 100 miles distant from New York City. Middletown is on the west bank of the Connecticut River and route 9 runs along the eastern boundary. There are a lot of reasonably prices houses for sale in Middletown, Connecticut today and there is a tremendous amount of new construction going on, both in the private home and condo areas. There are a great many condos alone for sale in Middletown Connecticut. And in all price ranges. And in all style buildings.Read More