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Best Holiday Gadgets For The Guys

Sometime in the next month – maybe even on that stampede we call Black Friday – you will find yourself in an electronics store searching for something great to give the men in your life and when that moment arrives, chances are you will want two things out of your shopping experience.

First, you’ll want to get that one gift that will make his eyes pop and jaw drop on Christmas morning when the family gathers around the tree, and second, you’ll want to get the heck out of that store as quickly as possible. Well, the following suggestions should help you on your way to accomplishing both of those goals in a spectacular fashion.

However, before I go any further you should know that every one of the following gift ideas can be found at your local Best Buy store so you won’t have to go searching far and wide for them. In fact, other than Apple products, which are confined to Best Buy and Apple Stores – and consequently enough isn’t even on this list – these suggestions should all be available at any major electronics conglomerate so shop away and support whichever store your heart desires. It’s worth noting however that the prices I quote are off of the Best Buy website so you may see a tiny bit of variation. Additionally, you can also find such devices on which will make it really easy for you to shop a product that is suitable for your friend, husband, or brother.

Gifts That’ll Make His Day:

1) Sony Bravia With Google TV – the perfect gift for the tech and sports lover combined this is a computer and an amazing TV all in one. Does he want to check scores online while the game plays in the top right corner? Now he can. Does he want to update his Facebook and let all his friends know his team is crushing theirs? Go ahead! The possibilities are really astounding when the internet and TV come together in such a perfect union. Cost – $600-$1,400

2) Bose Lifestyles Home Entertainment Systems – not for the faint of heart or wallet these gifts are for the big spenders. These Bose systems range from $1,999.99 all the way up to $3,299.99 but believe me, it’s worth the money. Something you may want to get professionally installed (unless you like watching the man of the house struggle with a toolbox prove his manhood) these puppies make an action movie sound like it’s happening to you, not around you. You may want to keep the price tag intact on this one though, just in case he gives you any grief within the next 2 or 3 years. Cost – $2,000 – $3,300

3) Internet Connectable BluRay Player – there are a lot of brands to choose from so it’s up to you to choose your favorite on this one. These gadgets are really cool for a few reasons, not the least of which are the 1080p High Definition Picture, full surrounds sound audio and internet apps like Netflix and Pandora radio. On a side note if you already have an incredible television then Sony’s $399.99 BluRay player with Google TV built-in might be the perfect mix. All the Google TV perks of options one plus BluRay and minus most of the cost. Cost – $130-$399

4) A Smart Phone – I would be more specific here however there are just too many brands and options out there no matter which carrier you choose. Everything from the iPhone 4 to the plethora of Android phones such as the DroidX and the HTC Evo count as amazing gifts. Get them a computer that can fit in their pocket and watch as it literally changes every aspect of their day today. Also if you wanted to coordinate gifts with a friend or family member the next gift would go great with any smartphone. Cost – Varies depending on contract options as well as phone choice.

5) Slingbox – If the man in your life does any kind of traveling or hunting this is a perfect gift. – especially when paired with a smartphone or laptop. A Slingbox basically “slings” your TV to your laptop or smartphone so that no matter where you are you can catch your shows just like you were watching them at home. The keywords to use when explaining this gift to the recipient? “Watch the game from anywhere!” Cost – $190-$300

6) Tivo – last but certainly not to be overlooked simply because it’s been around awhile, Tivo can replace your current cable or satellite box while doing all those cool things you’ve heard about. Record shows, rewind to see what happened the last 5 minutes while you were attending to that puking emergency, this is a gift everyone can and will enjoy. Most importantly a Tivo box can go a long way in preventing those squabbles over who gets to pick the channel. Cost – $300-$500 (plus a minimum of $8.31 per month service charge)

No matter what gift you choose to be sure that these suggestions are instant winners. In fact, that’s the great thing about men, no matter how old we get if it’s shiny, has lights on it and does something cool our friends can’t do then we’ll like it. Whether you’re spending a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand, you’ll still be able to see that smile spread across his face when it’s time for the wrapping paper to come off. So go out and brave those electronics store aisles and pushy salesman because, in the end, that’s what he’ll appreciate most. Unless you get him a sweater – he probably won’t appreciate a sweater.

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