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Blogging to Make Money

Blogging can be an idle pursuit or a serious money-making venture as recommended in Evergreen Wealth Formula review. Today, blogs are everywhere and can be a very good source of accurate information on a subject that is otherwise not covered by other media channels. Bloggers around the world talk about issues that concern all of us on subjects ranging from politics to cooking and yoga.

Today there are so many opportunities to create your own blog. You can make one by registering your own domain and setting up your own blog website and choosing a hosting company that best fits your needs. You can build your own design with the tools your hosting company gives you or you can use software like Microsoft Frontpage to actually custom design your blog and add special features you would not have otherwise.

The alternative is simple. Blogger and WordPress are the two popular services that do most of this work for you and for free. You don’t need to register anything as you simply choose what you want and these services give it. You can use one of the templates proposed to you or you can find on the Internet a whole range of templates built especially for these services which you can then easily upload and use.

Writing a blog that would be interesting for your audience and focused on the niche that you are passionate about is the hard part of course. You have to write regularly and the more you write the better. Keywords are of course important but I think the better the content and the more unique it is the better.

In my case, I have been writing for 15 months or so, on and off with about 125 posts so far made. In the first 6 months, I experienced impressive growth in terms of visitors and page views according to Google Analytics which I use. Nevertheless, after a point, the visitor numbers seem to have peaked and at this point I think I lost the will to carry on writing intensively, submitting once or twice per month after that. Sometimes more of course.

At one point when I had over 50 visitors per day, I did experiment with both Google Adsense and Amazon Associates which people recommend so much. Unfortunately, it is the click rate per number of visitors turned out to be very low. Nobody seemed to click on the links and I am really not sure how this can be improved.

Nevertheless, I believe in my blog and it has become some sort of asset. From time to time I get e-mails from partners proposing to trade links and I think this proves that blogs like mine are useful and can be used in the future and perhaps I will be able to monetize them once they reach a certain level of popularity and reach.


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