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Choosing Content Filled Topics to Write About in Your Article

So we have defined our target audience, and we have picked out our most relevant keywords, it is time to choose our topic to write about.

Choose one of your long-tailed keywords that you would like to use, and this will be the topic of your article.

Here is an example, say your long-tailed keyword is ” Best Top Tier home based business” than your topic could be “How to find the Best top tier home based business opportunity” or something like this, “How do you know this is the Best top tier home based business opportunity, “this long-tailed keyword is then incorporated into your content, and should be part of the title of your article.

These ideas can be helpful, in order to get the mind in gear and on track for writing articles.

Such as a “How to article” an in-depth content rich article that explains exactly “How To” or a “Review of an article”, which can be given your prospective and thoughts on this particular topic. “A Problem and then a solution or result to an article” This can be a problem or a constant hurdle or distraction, and with every problem there should be an effective content filled solution for the best results. Another helpful hint could be your own “Personal experience in an article” that should be like telling a short story that grabs your audience’s attention. Also you can do a “Comparison type article” that tells a story about your past experiences and how your life has changed for the better now that you own your own business and have learned how to make money in your home based business.

Here is another fantastic way to get some content for your articles, think about how it was when you started looking for your own business opportunity, then write down 5 of your greatest concerns that you had before you made your decision to join your business.

Write about all the solutions that your newly found business resolved for you along with providing the solutions to all your needs that lead you to this search in the first place, now you have 5 more topics to write about.

Here’s is why this works so well: The people who are reading your articles most likely have the same issues and concerns that you had before you found this business and made that first step to resolving those issues, so this gives a prospective lead something that he or she can relate to. After the knowledge of the first step, click here to get further information about the resolving of the issues in posting of the articles. It will be easy and convenient for the person.¬†

Whenever possible, you want your article to have an emotional aspect to it, that relates to problems of prospective partners and there frustrations, along with your how your business will resolves all these issues for them. You need to think about all the problems that your prospective audience faces and what emotions are tied with these problems that you can use to help them resolve those issues.

These should be used as a guideline to helping you stir those creative writing juices, which will most likely lead into wonderful content filled articles for your audience.

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