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Cryptocause Fundraiser To Help Ccn Author Scott Fargo Pay Rising Medical Bills

CryptoCause is a new charitable organization dedicated to raising money to support Bitcoin mining community members who fall upon hard times. For its second fundraiser, CryptoCause selected CCN author and mining guru Scott Fargo, who has encountered a variety of serious medical issues over the last several years.

CryptoCause Fundraiser to Help CCN Author Scott Fargo Pay Rising Medical Bills

CryptoCause is a unique fundraising platform that allows people to contribute to charitable causes while simultaneously acquiring Bitcoin and Scrypt mining gear (the rigs rotate) at prices comparable to or even lower than those of the cheapest distributor. As there is cryptocurrency to buy via this organization at competitive prices, it is getting more and more popular among the traders. As the organization explains:

I believe a lot of people WANT to contribute to great causes, this will merely provide you with an opportunity unique to miners, where you get to contribute, while still expanding your mining footprint by acquiring mining gear at the best possible current prices, all in a manner uniquely convenient to miners, and getting rewarded for it.

CryptoCause’s first fundraiser raised money to help a disabled community member buy a golf cart so that he could drive to and from his doctor appointments.

For its second fund, CryptoCause selected CCN author Scott Fargo, who over the past several years has become disabled and incurred medical bills approaching six figures. In the process, Scott lost his insurance, and his family has struggled to make payments. Scott works as hard as his body will allow him to provide for his family and pay down his debts, but his disability limits the amount of work he can accomplish in a day.

I spoke with Scott about the CryptoCause fundraiser. He explained his situation and gave moving answers about how the CryptoCause campaign will help his family pay off their nearly insurmountable bills related to his medical procedures.

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