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Dell Inspiron Widescreen Wireless Laptop

I cannot live without my Dell Inspiron Widescreen Wireless laptop; it’s my key to the world.

Everything I need to know is available right there, at the tip of my fingers, 24/7/365 (twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year).

I take it with me everywhere. I use it to find the cheapest gas prices in my area, to check the local traffic updates, the weather, to make plans, correspond, research, write on my screenplay, watch movies, play games, get recipes, get involved as an activist, do paid work, plan vacations, and even plan my wedding.

I seriously cannot imagine my life without my Dell Inspiron. It’s a simple little machine, but I love it and need it. You won’t need the service of Macbook repair in London and other laptops repair with this device. It is made with quality materials with the operating system is quite powerful. If you want to have a wireless laptop that provides quality features and is very easy to access and use, then go for Dell Inspiron.

I initially bought the Dell Inspiron because I was teaching writing workshops and editing manuscripts, and felt it would be handy to have on the fly, as I traveled from the office, to the classrooms, and to my home.

What I didn’t realize was how reliant on its features (light-weight, portable, wireless, widescreen) I would become.

I named my Inspiron, Kizmet, because I felt it was a token of happy fate to have it in my life. This name has turned out to be quite apt!

Kiz, as I nicknamed her (my Inspiron Wireless Laptop) has allowed me to be more efficient, informed, productive, and connected.

I more efficient because I can utilize the laptop not only to plan, research, and organize, but to write!

Since it’s with me all the time, if I’m driving and think of something I need to put in my screenplay, I can pull over somewhere, and type it into the screenplay document.

That is so much better than what I used to do: scribble illegible marks on a napkin or in a notebook, or foolishly tell myself I’d remember the idea and write it into the screenplay when I got to my desktop computer at home.

I’m more informed because, as a result of being online with my laptop all the time, I have found a way to research, discover, and learn about ways to become involved with organizations and causes I care about. Through my Dell Inspiron Wireless Notebook I became an Online Volunteer for the United Nations, and have worked on three projects for them, delivering or editing online content to help third world countries organize education.

I also have aligned with communities around the USA who are working to become less reliant on fossil fuels, and to help encourage people to become energy-aware, energy-efficient, and to use renewable energy.

My Dell Inspiron allows me to be more productive, because of how handy it is, how easy it is to grab out of my bag, carry with me to a meeting, flip open, and turn on, and automatically get connected to the internet.

People often giggle when I say, hold on, let me get Kiz. Some of my colleagues now address her (my Inspiron Laptop) as Kiz, instead of “your laptop” or “the Dell Inspiron”.

A designer on a development team for a huge client remarked one afternoon, you know Kiz has really been a key player on this project; maybe she should get a bonus!

My Dell Inspiron Wireless Laptop, Kiz, helps me be connected to the world of information. Any time I need to know something, I can Google it and find it.

When my fianc├⌐’ drives home from work he calls me to ask about traffic, and I look it up online for him, tell him the best route, and off he goes. Voila! Instantly connected and informed.

Other neat things about Kiz, my Dell Inspiron Wireless Laptop, is that it’s widescreen and lightweight. This makes it nice to lie in bed with to watch a movie, or have on my lap on the plane. Often I’ll hold it in my hands while doing sit-ups and watching Oprah online.

It’s really convenient that the Dell Inspiron is thin and lightweight, because it easily slips into a side pocket of my 15x12x8 shoulder bag.

I wrote this review on Kiz, my Dell Inspiron Widescreen Wireless Laptop. It’s my key to the world!

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