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Do Not Give Dogs As Gifts

Thanks to movies, some people think that dogs make charming gifts! It is best for these folks to eliminate such cutesy notions now, especially with Christmas around the corner. It doesn’t matter how well you know the person that you are giving the dog to, even he or she is your child, such a gift idea is not something you decide on a whim. It spells future disaster to both the prospect owner and the dog especially the recipient is not prepared for the responsibilities and commitment. Moreover, both individuals need to know about the shiba inu price before they are ready for their responsibilities. 

I know of some parents who gave in to their child’s plead after seeing the child displayed some sense of responsibilities and maturity during the last three months. I’m afraid to say that dogs’ life span lasts longer than a mere three-months period. If the child is in elementary school, that dog will probably be under his or her care through high school or maybe college. Unless you are prepared to be the primary care-giver, please do not use this option of giving your child or anyone gift.

Giving Dog As Gift Is A Bad Idea

  • The recipient may not know how to care for a dog; it may be mistreated from its owner’s ignorance.
  • The recipient’s family may reject the dog due to one family member’s allergy reaction or phobia and may force him or her to abandon the dog immediately.
  • The recipient may not have time or long-term commitment to care for a dependent, demanding, living animal.
  • Dogs are expensive to raise; the recipient may not be able to afford long-term care.
  • Dogs are not objects. They have needs and emotions.
  • You Can “ONLY” Ever Entrust A Dog To Someone Else If You:
  • Obtain the full, prior consent of the person and everyone she or he lives with.
  • Make sure that the person is ready for a dog and prepared to look after the dog for his whole life. (Can you really be sure of that?)
  • Make sure that the person knows the dog needs daily grooming, feeding, and cleaning up even when she or he is sick, tired, or sad.
  • Be prepared to take over the care of the dog for good should something unforeseen happen to the owner. (i.e. A relationship breakup or oversea assignments)
  • Be ready to pay for the dog’s upkeep should the owner loses his or her job and be unable to afford the dog bills.

If you must give your child a dog, may I suggest giving him or her an I-Dog Pup Silver? I recently got two PINK I-Dog set for my two nieces, they fell head over the hill with it. Normally I don’t shower my nieces and nephews with gifts like this (I usually give them books or enroll them in mini-courses). I did this for two reasons. One, to stop them from bugging me to allow my dogs to be under their care over some weekends at their home. Two, to stop them from spending their weekends with me. Don’t go thinking of me as the ‘evil’ aunt. I love them dearly however I just have too many dependants under my care. Plus I don’t think I’m ready (or ever want) to spend my whole weekends with two preteen girls.

There are many great gift ideas for everyone this Christmas, the list is endless. Dogs and all other domesticated pets should NEVER be anywhere near in that gift ideas list.

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