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Facebook Content And Marketing- How is it useful?

The Internet is full of content and good content is what makes a website stand out from all the mediocre or worse content around it. It will not surprise you then that one of the best ways to get traffic to your Facebook Page is great content. But what does this mean? What is good content and how should we acquire and present it?

When using Facebook, you have to keep in mind that you are presenting it on Facebook. People on there are socializing and want to just relax. They don’t want to read anything too long unless they know it will be of fantastic quality. This is why most Facebook content is short and to the point. Marketers know that they won’t hang around for long. The content at the social media platform is great to meet with the requirements. Experts are advising to check my site to know about the purchase of the likes and comments. The advertising of the products is done at the right platform. 

Your success will mostly be based on if people share your content by clicking the ‘Share’ button underneath the video/photo/article. If they do, it is posted to their profile where it is seen by all of their friends and can spread similar to a virus and thus the term “viral”.

You can make your content more likely to be shared by having an attention grabbing headline. Something so silly that someone would click it usually works. When people see ‘Practical joke played on John’, some people might click on it. But when it says ‘Check out what we did to John’s desk on Monday!’ – it’s exciting and you want to hear the story. Be different and unique!

Here are a few of my top tips for creating content that people will want to engage with and share.

  • It’s OK to link your RSS feed of your blog/website to your Page as long as you don’t post too much content, otherwise people will get sick of your name clogging up their news feed and remove you.
  • Exclusivity – Give content via Facebook that they can’t find anywhere else and customers will be forced into liking your page. People will then get to see what you have to offer, and stick around if it’s good. Special offers, coupons, interviews, etc.
  • Human touch – Talk to the people on the other end of Facebook like humans. They are humans! When you treat them well, they will see you as a friend and want to do business with you based solely on this. The best way to do this is to talk to them as you would a close friend who was interested in your business. No cold-hearted approach.
  • Regular updates – There is nothing worse than a company that creates a page, works it for a while and then forgets about it. People who join will see that you have not posted in so long and will not bother joining. Post regularly but not so often that you are doing it just for the sake of it. Go for quality over quantity every time but quantity is also very important here. Know your audience and how often is ok to post.
  • Videos/Photos – People love browsing photos and videos on Facebook. They also love sharing them with friends. Create these and post them exclusively to Facebook. People check how long a video is before they watch it, so keep them short, sweet and use the short but interesting headlines that we talked about before.
  • Ask them – Many people don’t know exactly what their Facebook fans want. A simple way is to just ask them. Create a Facebook poll. Another great way is to see how many ‘likes’ your recent posts have got. The more likes, the more you should create content like that in the future.

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