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Finding The Right Gift For Your Child’s Teacher

A friend recently asked me for advice on what to get her child’s summer program teacher for a gift. As a middle school teacher, I receive a variety of gifts from some of my students each year. It’s always nice to be appreciated, and these simple “thank you” moments can hold someone over through a lot of difficult days. It can be difficult to find appropriate presents for your child’s teachers, especially as they get older and have more of them each year. While any gift is always appreciated, here are a few ideas for gifts from keuze helper that are practical in addition to being thoughtful.

Dry Erase Markers

Studies have shown that teachers spend on average $500 out of their own pockets to supply their classrooms each year. Dry erase markers make up a good part of that bill if they are used by teachers and students every day. I have found that the brand names (Expo, etc) really are better quality and worth the extra money. A small pack of markers and some cleaning fluid to help maintain the boards is the perfect gift for any occasion during the year, whether it’s for a holiday or just a general thank you.

Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

If you have more than one child, you know how quickly the cold can spread in your family. A classroom with 20 to 30 students can seem like a ticking time bomb during flu season. Teachers work hard enough as it is, and feeling under the weather only adds to the pressure. Staying healthy can be a struggle when you are in a room with sick students, so hand sanitizer can be very helpful. You may want to avoid fancy or strong smells as many schools have restrictions on scents due to allergies.

Travel Mug/Bottle

Many of us, and teachers are no exception, love to start our days with coffee or tea. It’s no secret that coffee houses can quickly eat up your budget. Travel mugs are a convenient way to bring beverages from home that are not only more affordable but easy to customize to your own taste. Good quality containers that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer periods of time are perfect for the busy teachers who never quite know when they will be able to have a moment to enjoy their beverage.

Stationary/Note Cards

Stationary and note cards are not only used as Cadeau meisje jaar. This is also used as gifts for our unsung heroes – teachers. Teachers write notes throughout the year thanking all the people that help them from the custodial staff to the people on the field trips to students who work as classroom assistants. Having a supply of cards that are blank inside keeps teachers prepared for whatever they encounter.

Gift Cards

While some people feel that gift cards are too impersonal, they are extremely useful when you really don’t know what to buy and will always be appreciated. Office supply stores or the large retailers (Target, Walmart, etc), sell hundreds of products that your child’s teacher would find useful. Gift cards have the added bonus of being able to fit your budget when you decide how much to put on them.

Notes from Your Child

Perhaps the most meaningful gift a teacher could ever receive is a note from a student explaining what they meant to them during the year. It doesn’t cost anything yet will be treasured long after all the other gifts are forgotten. I have every note and card a student has ever written me, and I reread them whenever I need a positive boost or a reminder of how lucky I am to have this job. Teaching is tough, but it’s all worth it when you know that you have helped a child in some way.

Whatever you decide to give your child’s teacher, know that it will be greatly appreciated for even longer than you think.

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