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The only Vacuum cleaner shop that I have used is Rydel’s in Lodi, California. I have purchased my cleaners from them along with my Allergenic disposable vacuum cleaner bags. A time or two ago when I went in to the shop I noticed a big difference in the shop’s appearance. Everything was new and modern with an earthy feel. Fresh new wall colors, counter tops and new styles of deep cleaning allergy relief vacuums, Miele, Simplicity, Sebo, Oreck and some bargain models. I commented on the new look and the clerk was very appreciative as he began to describe not only the new look but their new approach to going Green. He was not pushy about it only very informative. I loved all his advice and took to heart the smart choices that his new and returning customers will soon be making. I am glad to see he is doing so well as all the times I’ve been in there he has someone waiting to be helped.
Meet the new Rydel’s Vacuum Shop,

Rydel’s Healthy Home

26 W. Lodi Avenue

Lodi, California 95240


Rydel’s in downtown Lodi on Lodi and School streets is centrally located to better serve the entire community. Along with their many deep cleaning allergy relief vacuums they have air purifiers, steam cleaners, air sterilizers, central vacuums and micro-fiber cloths and mops. Rydel’s has been in business since 1954 and offers every environmentally safe household cleaning product imaginable.

Also available at Rydel’s Healthy Home store is safe non-toxic household cleaners, Mrs. Meyers cleaning products like laundry and dish soaps, tile cleaners, air fresheners and natural soy candles that are all healthy for the environment. I purchased some air refresher that is an oil based product in a pump spray. With only one or two short squirts the job is done. I need to replace my filters so those were ordered for me with no problem, but in the mean time I will freshen the vacuum cleaner bag and the filter with a couple of squirts of my new fresh peach scent freshener to relieve the dog odors in my carpets.

By going green we can do our part by supporting a healthy home. I know I need to get some sound advice from the knowledgeable sales people at Rydel’s, in Lodi on how I can better clean my bedroom, my husband gets a stuffy nose as soon as it’s time to go to bed. My guess is my hairspray, that I use in the morning that lingers; I’m not too keen about spraying my hair outside.

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