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Holiday House Cleaning Made Easy

Hopefully, it won’t happen to you but if you do get stuck at the last minute with an entourage of friends and relatives, here’s a guide that will help anyone short on time spruce up a home on the fly in as little as an hour and a half.

Before you start cleaning, locate a container big enough to hold clutter and make a clean sweep around the most traveled areas of the house and transfer all clutter to the container. Set it in a closet for after the party when you can sort it, trash it and organize. This shouldn’t take ten minutes, so chop-chop.

Put on your gloves, get a timer ready and do some last minute stretching. Your first job is to get motivated to make the first round of cleaning happen in 15 minutes or less. First you will tackle all the sinks, ceramic, refrigerator, stove and counters. Use both hands, do not back-track or you’ll be spinning wheels.

You need your favorite bottle of cleaner and a roll of paper towels or micro-fiber cleaning cloths. Set the timer and very quickly spray everything evenly that you will be cleaning. This includes the stove, sinks, bathrooms, etc. Think boot-camp and get on the move!

Once you’ve finished spraying everything, you can set the bottle down and go back to the first item sprayed (it’s been soaking for three-five minutes) and start wiping down. You’re cleaning, not aiming for perfection so roll with it!

Spraying isn’t that big of a task if you have the right ingredients in your hand because once you get used to it, regular cleaning comes easy and you don’t have to call the house cleaning service Dallas for the job and waste money.

Okay, fifteen minutes have passed, look what you did! You’re amazing. Next, tackle the toilets. You’ve already cleaned the top all you need is some bleach. Pour a couple of cups of bleach in the toilet and close the bathroom door. Let everyone know you’re cleaning and to try to stay out of the bathroom for the next 15 minutes. While the bowls are soaking, grab some cleaning cloths, spray both sides with furniture polish and get busy. You’ve got ten minutes and you can do it. It’s not broken down to a science and don’t get mesmerized by all those do-dads you have sitting around. Hit the high spots and go!

As soon as you’re finished, run scrub those bowls and flush. You’re about four minutes over your time frame but you can make that up when you vacuum. That’s right, set the timer for another 15 minutes, whip out the vacuum cleaner and try not to choke it down. When you’ve finished, set the timer for 15 minutes and damp mop with hot water and vinegar or your favorite cleaner. Using hot water dries faster and leaves less spots. Begin with the dirtiest floor; rinse the dirt out of the mop once or twice (not in your cleaning water) then hit the rest. Chin up, hand on back, you’re almost done!

Your final step is to take out the trash. Don’t forget the bathrooms. When you place a new liner in the trash can, layer a couple of liners over the one in the kitchen so when trash is removed while guests are there, it already has a liner ready to go.

There you are, it’s not perfect but it is cleaner and your house smells cleaner too. It makes the last-minute hostess look like she keeps her abode in check all the time. Congratulations! Now go pour yourself something cold, relax and enjoy the holidays.

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