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House And Pet Sitting Questions Made Simple

When considering a house or pet sitter, there may be many questions you have to ask yourself. And many more that you are unaware of. So listed below are a few that may be relevant.

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Why use a House /pet sitter What is a pet sitter contract What is a Pet sitter certification Should I pay/tip a house or Pet sitter Check list for the house and pet sitter Prepare pets for the Pet Sitter Things a house and pet sitter should do How do I go about hiring a House and Pet sitter What documents should I ask the pet and house sitter for? What questions do I ask the House and Pet sitter What is a Pet First Aid Certificate

1 Why use a House or Pet Sitter.

Security and peace of mind. This one statement says it all. No matter how long you are away from your home or pet. Employing a sitter is an ideal choice .A person to look after and watch over your belongings and animals, while you are away .It is a deterrent for burglars. And less stress on your pet .Also it feels secure and relaxed in its own environment .

2 What is a Pet Sitter contract

A House and Pet sitter contract is a written or typed agreement between both home/pet owners and sitters. The agreement will state the duties of the sitter.The dates to start and finish the assignment. Deposits paid in lieu of damages occurred. Confirmation of any utilities to be paid. (If any). Feeding /walking grooming general care of pets. Any household duties which may be required. And Any Relevant telephone numbers. Vets /fire/doctors etc. And any other added wordings that each party may want to add.The ground rules.

All of these can be downloaded by the members of the Anglo Franco House and pet sitting Agency.Find them in the owners and Sitter profiles

3 What is a Pet Sitter Certification

This is a legal document to say that the Pet Sitter has a recognized and up to date Pet Sitter Insurance from a Pet Sitting Insurance company. (e.g., PSI and NRPS. But you must be a member of these associations to be able to purchase their Pet sitter Insurance).Once you have obtained your certificate. This will insure you against injury/pets in their care. And accidents within the owners home.

4 Should I pay or tip the House pet sitter

Some professional house and pet sitters do charge for their services. It is always wise to check with them first before engaging their services, as some sitters charge by the hour /day or individual tasks. But if you feel the sitter has done a good job taking care of your home and pet. Then you may feel that some form of payment/reward can be given. This choice is up to the individual.

5 Check list for the House and Pet Sitter

This is a list that you as a home /pet owner can do .This list should include things like .Feeding instructions and walking times. Medication. All information about the pet in care. Vet /friend and family contact numbers. Pet personality traits. Pet medical card information. What Pets are allowed to do within the house/outside?

.Within the home, watering of plants, gardening, general cleanliness of home. Answering and taking telephone messages.

All of these can be downloaded within the profiles of the Anglo Franco agency.

6 Prepare your pet for a Pet Sitter

It is always advisable to introduce your pet to their sitter before the assignment. By spending time with the sitter, your pet should feel at ease. The more time a sitter spends with the pet the less anxious the pet will become, when they are eventually left in their home with their new sitter. If it is possible let the sitter feed /walk/play with the pet before the assignment. Make sure the pet is up to date with all vaccinations and micro chipped. Be totally honest with your sitter with regards to the animals in their care. Inform them about all of their temperaments, ways ,likes and dislikes.

7 Things a House and Pet sitter should do

Obtain a pet sitter insurance certificate from a reputable Insurance company. Provide references /CV and checks. Show a positive, responsible and caring attitude towards your home and pet. In no way put at risk your home and pet. Learn as much as they can regard your home and pet.

8 How do I go about hiring a House and Pet Sitter

The easiest way is to become a member of a House and pet Sitting site. The Anglo Franco House and Pet sitting Agency. This site deals with the whole of Great Britain and France. You can browse through the Sitters and Assignment pages, reading through their profiles. Then simply become a member. Having accessed and read the profiles you can easily make a choice by simply clicking on ‘contact this member’ button. You will then be taken through a series of. ‘Introductory letters’. Though this method you can then disclose as much information as required, before opening up all your contact details.

It is up to yourself to find out as much information about any person you allow into your home and pets lives.

9 What documents should I ask my House and Per Sitter for

As with any employer. The most common requested documents would be. Up to date, CV and References. These should show any past house and pet sitting assignments. Character references, criminal records checks.

Up to date Pet sitter Insurance certificate. Pet first aid certificate

10 What question do I ask the House and Pet Sitter?

There are numerous questions to ask. Use common sense .Ask as many question as possible. Each of us have different requirements and needs, as do our pets. So find out as much information as you can. The more the sitter tells you about themselves the better your decision will be.

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