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Whether you live in a house, a home, a castle or even a tent, the number of your home is of great significance. The energy that surrounds the number of your home affects the vibrational activity that surrounds the people living within. Regardless of how and where you live, your home number will provide you with the answers to the lifestyle that you can expect whilst residing there. Numbers do not only deal with the live’s of people, they also include the attitude of those within their dwelling place.

True Stories

For example, i resided close to a home for several years and during this time each family that purchased this home (5 in all), their home was troubled and eventually all of these families divorced and the home was re-sold. After a period of time the local council re-numbered the home’s to ‘lot’ or acreage numbers, and since the number was changed the next family who purchased this home has lived there within harmony for several years. Yes home numbers are important, particularly if you are planning on purchasing a new one, or renting, for the number of your dwelling place will affect the vibrational energy around you.

Another example if you purchase, or reside within any form of dwelling that contains a ‘5′ essence vibration, then you can definitely expect a lot of activity to occur. If you yourself are a quiet or reserved individual then this would not be a suitable environment for you. Home/House numbers should be considered very carefully, either before you rent or purchase and even as you dwell within, as you may find that particular aspects of your life are not quite what you expected them to be.

Each number is of great significance regarding your home, whether you live within your car, believe it or not, the number of your car registration has a vibrational affect upon you. We at in-depth-numerology can help you in many ways to find the home or dwelling that will bring harmony in to your life, and assist you to keep this harmonious lifestyle. We require your home/house or even tent number (as each dwelling place is assigned a number), and this number affects your lifestyle. If you reside at work (as many people do) we require the same as all other dwelling places.

Your Garden and Numbers

Even you garden is affected by the energies of your home or house number. Have you ever wondered why your plants do not grow? Even though you work hard within your garden? We can supply these answers and many more by using the numerical vibrations and energies that surround both yourself, your family and the home you live within.

Do you quarrel often and are unsure why?

Do your neighbours ignore you, or constantly bother you?

Simply supply your house, home, whichever dwelling number you live within, whether it is a simple home or a castle, your name and date of birth, and we will supply you with the greatest of detail to assist you.

All We Need…

Please supply your home, house and street, road name etc…, and we will supply you with a very in depth and detailed report as to the vibrational activity that surrounds you. Perhaps you wonder why you work hard and may never have the finance to save or renovate your home? All of these answers and many more will be found by purchasing a ‘Home Number’ chart. These charts are very detailed and quite often they will astound you and your partner (if you have one) as to the effects your home number has upon you.

Your life is guided by numbers, energies and vibrations, allow us to bring harmony back into your home, to guide you as to why there may be disharmony, for each and every one of us cannot escape the power of numbers. Your house or home number also has a very strong impact upon the lives of your children, as each person that lives within the home vibrates towards the energies of the particular number you have.

If you want to learn more about numbering and the energy involved in house home reading, you can always click on as it is an interesting website where you can learn everything right from the very beginning as what the technique is all about and how the numbers in your horoscope have a huge impact in shaping your future with respect to the positioning of the stars.

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