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How Does a Website Show Up On a Search Engine?

The higher a website’s ranking in any search engine the better. Why? Because this means that the site gets viewed more often. Sites that appear on the first page after a search engine search usually gets viewed first than those sites that appear on the second and third pages. However, the question is on how to get these sites on the first page. The answer is actually simple and that is through search engine optimization or SEO.

Search engine optimization enables a website to land on the first page of every search engine search. There is no other way to get your site to show up on a search engine except this. However, before you get to Clovis SEO to improve your websites content you must have a site first.

Here are some tips you can use you get a website show up on a search engine.

  • You must pick a good domain name. Ideally, a good domain name should describe your website. The domain name should reflect almost everything that is found on your website. This step is important, especially for new websites. In addition to that, your domain name should be more or less the same as the keywords in the search.
  • Your website should not be indexed yet. This will make your site easier to find. In addition to that this will keep competition at a manageable level. There are two ways to if your website is already indexed or not. One way is by typing a keyword or topic. Another way is by checking the URL or the link. To do this all you have to do is the on the address bar “”. In simpler terms add .com to your site’s name. If nothing comes up then that means it has not been indexed yet.
  • Pick the right keywords. Keywords are important because the number of keywords in the contents of your website can help raise the rank of your website. However, you must pick the right keywords. Keywords should neither be too long nor too short. Listing keywords is the basic step. However, if this does not work you can check the net for keyword tools that will help you develop great keywords for your site.

  • Using Meta tags can also help your website appear in a search engine. Important tags like The tag and the “description” tag should be used on every page of your website.
  • Keywords should be placed strategically in the article. Contents that contain a lot of keywords often appear on the first page after a search engine search. So the more strategically placed keywords that you have the more success you get in any search engine search.

There are still other ways that you can employ in order to make your website appear on a search engine. If you get to do all these search engine optimization techniques then be assured that your website will appear on the very first page after a search engine search is performed.

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