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How To Clean Bamboo Floors

Here’s how to clean bamboo floors to keep them looking great. Bamboo is an exotic wood species that is beautiful, but because bamboo is harvested from fast-growing grass, there are no forests damaged. A house cleaning services special feature.

More and more, homeowners are choosing bamboo as the flooring material of choice. To keep your client’s flooring looking gorgeous, we are providing some tips on how to clean bamboo floors.

Remember, bamboo is different from domestic types of wood such as oak, walnut, and pine, also popular flooring material options. Therefore, it is important to clean bamboo floors properly because it’s different from other wood floor covering options.

The first tip on cleaning bamboo floors may seem simple but sometimes, it is all you need. For tracked in dirt and dust buildup, run the vacuum cleaner over the floor. The only thing to remember is that you should never use a vacuum with beater bars. However, a standard vacuum will remove dirt and if done weekly, more in-depth cleaning will be much easier and quicker.

This tip on how to clean bamboo floors touches on using the right products. Often, you can go over the floor with nothing more than a damp mop but if the floors need serious cleaning, be sure you choose only cleaners formulated for bamboo. For instance, any type of cleaner that contains oil, as well as caustic or acidic ingredients could result in ugly streaking. Therefore, take a few minutes when buying products for your business and always read labels. If you are uncertain, have the homeowner contact the flooring manufacturer to determine the best cleaning products for you to use.

We also want to provide a tip on cleaning bamboo floors, hydrogen peroxide for cleaning when something sticky or gooey has ended up on the floor and there for you to deal with. Because bamboo has different characteristics from domestic wood species, it is not affected the same by moisture. For this reason, things such as glue, gum, or candy that would normally be hard to clean will come right up after having ice applied for a few minutes.

Finally, our list of things to do in cleaning bamboo floors needs to touch on something that you never want to do. In addition to avoiding harmful cleaning products, make sure wax is never used on bamboo flooring. Additionally, you should let your client know about this. The reason is that wax creates an adhesive problem that is difficult to clean. If the floors become dull, they can be cleaned and then buffed to bring back their natural beauty. A weekly cleaning will keep the customer’s floors beautiful while also helping the bamboo to last a lifetime.

Bamboo floors are very delicate, and the cleaning should be done very professionally and in a very planned manner. You need to make sure that there are no things which are stuck in between the grooves of the flooring. It is very unhygienic to have a very beautiful flooring and not maintaining it.

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