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How to Retire Without Wall Street Investments

Retirement planning is an idea that seems to always require the use of Wall Street. There are numerous reasons for this. As most of us aren’t rich, we don’t have ten to hundred thousand dollars (or more) to invest at once. Wall Street in recent years as become more accessible to the middle and lower classes through various investment vehicles that allow modest regular contributions. While I remain convinced that buying into the ownership of American business is the still the best way to build wealth, many people are too filled with fear to agree. If today I had any extra money I would plunk it into an S P; 500 fund or other index and not lose a wink of sleep. But this guide is for those who don’t share my optimism.

Before we go further let me state for the record I am not a licensed anything (except driver, hunter, and fisherman). I hold no specific degree in anything financial. This article is meant only to trigger ideas, not to provide specific advice. Following anything you read off the internet (or anywhere else) without gathering significant information from a variety of sources is not a plan that anyone should follow.

One time tested way to retire is from passive streams of income. This means that while you watch TV, read a book, and sleep you make money. Perhaps the most well known way is through real estate investment. Collecting rent off of property is a great passive income, but there are others. Here in fly over country we have other sources of passive income. The come in the form of oil, gas, coal, and other royalty payments. Another passive income is timber. While timber can only be selectively harvested every 10 years or so, with every passing day the trees become bigger and a little more valuable. Most states have both surface and mineral rights. This means that it is possible for different people to own the trees (surface) and the oil (mineral). This is one thing that you need to become well versed on before investing in land. But, land can be purchased in the middle of nowhere at reasonable prices that will produce income for years to come. Another low cost way to make money from land is renting trailers. A used trailer can be purchased for $1000 bucks (often less), stuck on an unused corner of land and rented. If the tenants tear it up you aren’t really out much. Scrap the metal in the trailer and get another one!

Investing in Immobilien Dusseldorf is another way to grow your money even without wallstreet stocks. It is actually one of the commo0n options of investors because it has less risks and yet the return is absolute. 

While not really a sure way to grow money, hoarding of valuables is an old fashioned way of preserving wealth. Gold, diamonds, platinum, silver and other items can be purchased when cheap and saved for a rainy day. While commodity investing is tricky buying a gold coin now and then should protect you from taking a beating on inflation. Again, I don’t recommend this but it is a choice for those expecting the next depression.

The reality is that the best way to save for retirement has not changed. Pay off your house, save and invest, and don’t worry and don’t panic. Dollar cost average into the market and stop watching the financial news.

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