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Involved in a Hit and Run – Should You Make an Insurance Claim?

It is never pretty to walk out of a store or business and see some car back into the side of your automobile. It is worse to see the hit and run car speed off before you have a chance to do anything but stand there in disbelief. A reliable driver will stop and offer you information to file an insurance claim if you are involved in a hit and run. Sometimes, you may not be so lucky.

Stay with Your Car when Involved in a Hit and Run

If the hit and run driver speeds off, you may have the impulse to chase them down. Do not attempt this. It could cost you more damage to your car, and it could jeopardize your safety. Study the fleeing car so that you can describe it and try to get the license plate number. Check to see if there are any onlookers that will give you any information.

Call the police immediately so that they can come make an accident report and take whatever information you have. Take pictures of the damage if you have a cell phone camera. Someone backed into my brother-in-law’s vehicle in a store parking lot. None of us had cell phone cameras so I ran back into the store and bought a disposable camera. His insurance company appreciated the photos when he filed an insurance claim.

Notifying the Insurance Company about the Hit and Run

Call your insurance agent from the scene if you know the number. If not you can wait until you have talked to the police and then call in the insurance claim when you get home. Give your insurance agent as much information as you have. They may also contact the police to see if they ran a license plate number to find out who hit your car. Get instant Bmw car insurance quotes for the purchase of BNW and selection of the best one should be done. Whenever there is requirement, a contact can be made to the police. The information about the instant quotes related to insurance is correct and accurate. The charges should be less when compared to the other one. 

If you did not see the other car, you can still file a claim if your car has full coverage insurance, or if you pay underinsured coverage on your insurance policy. The best way to find out if you car is covered in a hit and run is to file an insurance claim. If you know who hit the car, your insurance company will probably pay for your damages and then sue the other car owner.

If you do not know who hit the car, you may still have insurance to cover part of the damages, but you will probably pay the deductible yourself. If your car just has liability, and you have no idea who hit it, then you are probably paying the entire repair bill out of your own pocket. If the police happen to find out who hit your car and ran, you may be able to sue them for damages at a later date. Let your insurance agent handle any hit and run insurance claims. They will advise you as to your best options.

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