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Make Money Online – Take Paid Surveys

In economically challenging times a lot of people are trying to find ways to make extra money. The FKC Concept reviews all these different way and helps you in earning money online at a steady pace. Sometimes that additional income is used to start saving funds and sometimes it is used to pay bills because of the cuts in pay. Sometimes the supplemental income becomes the only income available, as in the case of lay-offs.

Employment agencies may be able to help you to find a job but most part-time opportunities, especially the ones which you find online, will not be in the scope of those agencies. The best way for you to find employment opportunities on the Internet is to start looking by yourself.

The easiest way to start making money online is to participate in paid surveys. It is easy to find those sites by doing Google search with the words “Paid surveys” in the search field. You will get a lot of response to that search. Usually, you are paid to give your opinion on different subjects. You will be asked to register and provide some basic information about yourself. Be aware of the sites that ask you to pay upfront. Why pay somebody for the information you can obtain for free?

After registration, you will be sent invitations to participate in the surveys. After some initial screening for each survey, you will either qualify for the survey or not. Obviously, the more sites you register for and the more adverse are your interests and experiences, the more surveys you will complete and the more money you will get. You will be considered an independent contractor which means that you will be responsible for any taxes yourself. Be sure to read all agreements carefully and understand how often and in what form you will be paid.

The best part of that kind of employment is that you can do it from home at the time which is most suitable for you. Online surveys make a good choice for somebody looking for evening jobs, part-time jobs, for students seeking summer jobs, etc. This employment opportunity may even become a new business. It is possible to make a good supplemental income online taking surveys and giving your opinion.

Keep looking for new sites and participate in discussion groups and forums. Explore possibilities such as getting certifications if it will increase your money-making abilities. As usual, be very careful if anybody asks you to pay for anything in advance. If you decide to pay be sure you understand what are you paying for and that you have a physical address for the Company. It never hurts to check the Company with the Better Business Bureau as well.

As you can see, it is quite possible to make money online in your spare time. The amount of your income will be determined by how many surveys you are taking which, in turn, will depend on how many sites you will find and register at. Be sure that you understand the rules of every site you participate in since they may vary a lot.

Credit Repair Scams And How To Avoid Them

Add years of good credit to your report, overnight! Fix your bad credit! Avoid bankruptcy, call our service today!

We have all seen the advertisements, but are they too good to be true? Of course, anything that looks too good, probably is a credit repair scam.

Credit repair scams fall into two categories: overnight fixes and payment services.

The first option offers an overnight fix for bad credit or lack of credit history. This fix is actually a glitch in the credit reporting system. For a fee, you will be added to a dummy account as an authorized user. The actual account owner will have years of good credit, which would transfer over to your credit history. Some accounts could have thousands of these “authorized users,” but none of them would have access to a single real dollar.

FICO and the credit bureaus continue to work diligently to close this loophole because it creates an unfair representation of your actual credit history. When you get caught, your report will be brought back to normal. Notice I didn’t say, “If you get caught.”

If you have a friend or relative who is willing to add you as a joint cardholder (without actually giving you a card), you will be able to start building credit history and take advantage of good credit history on the part of your friend. This works much the same way as obtaining a co-signer for a loan. It’s a fast way to lose friends.

The second category of scam isn’t really a scam, but rather a credit repair service, that offers to help you clean up your credit. While it sounds like a good deal, it is very important that you understand exactly what you are buying, and use only established reputable organizations such as Sacramento Credit Repair.

These services, at least the reputable ones, generally require you to turn over all of your cards to your account representative for safekeeping. A repayment plan will be set up, and for a monthly fee, the repair service will make the payments to your creditors, paying off accounts in the most efficient way.

At least this is how it’s supposed to work. There are two ways this could go terribly wrong.

  1. Some credit repair services negotiate with your creditors to charge-off or buy down your credit for a lesser amount (while sometimes sticking you for the full amount). This WILL damage your credit score. At times, charge-offs and buydowns are the best course of action to avoid bankruptcy, but be aware of the consequences you may have. Ultimately, you will pay hundreds of dollars to service for something you could have done yourself anyway, and you may leave them with a credit score that is severely damaged.
  2. Scam artists may take your money and promise to pay your creditors and leave you stuck with the bill. Be sure to use a well-established organization (many of these are not-for-profit) and check with your creditors to be sure the bills are getting paid on time.

In conclusion, there are many ways to build your credit score, without falling victim to credit repair scams or overnight fixes. For the best credit score, make your payments on time to build a good credit history. Check your three reports for accuracy at It’s free.


Social Networking at the Tipping Point

A clustering of events in early October 2010 signifies that social networking has developed to the point where it is being more closely scrutinized. The days of looking at social networking as the most promising edge of the Internet appear to have come to a culmination. This does not mean that social networking as exemplified chiefly by Facebook and Twitter are about to fade as major presences of the Internet, used by millions and millions around the world. But this culmination does presage a more thoughtful involvement in social networking colored by awareness of its limitations as well as its misuse.

The most prominent event was the release of the movie “The Social Network” about Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. The release was accompanied by many reviews in leading media, among these David Denby’s review titled “Influencing People” in the “New Yorker.” The movie “The Social Network” is mainly a character study of Zuckerberg; the accuracy of which is debated. One notable review taking the side that the movie gets the portrayal of Zuckerberg wrong is “The Social Disconnect” at Huffington Post. Jose Antonio Vargas proffers that the portrayal is wrong because the Hollywood people making the movie have little understanding of the Internet as a new media; and this little understanding is combined with antipathy for the unfavorable portrayal of Zuckerberg.

For the success, the use of the techniques and tools should be done. Now you can fulfill this wish with our Private Instagram viewer 2020 and it can be done with the effective tools. Instead of business account, private account can be used through the person with less costs. 

In the same New Yorker issue as Denby’s movie review is an article “Small Change” by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell gained high and lasting attention as a timely, relevant, and incisive social critic with the publication of his book titled “The Tipping Point – How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.”

Though in his essay, Gladwell does not argue that social networking is at a tipping point, he gives an overview of social networking emphasizing its limitations which suggests that it has when his essay is seen as a part of the clustering of events. The misuse of social networking, particularly its webcam option, apparent in the widespread reporting on the tragic suicide of the Rutgers College student musician Tyler Clementi after his homosexual encounter in his dorm room was broadcast on the Internet by two other students filming it with a webcam without his knowledge has thrust the question of the misuse of social networking into public awareness and debate.

Gladwell assesses that social networking makes for “weak ties” between and among individuals. In most cases, one will never meet others one is “friends” with or is following on Facebook and Twitter. In contrast to the “weak ties” of social networking, Gladwell contrasts the demonstrably strong ties between and among participants in the civil rights activism of the 1960s. These ties were evidenced especially in sit-ins such as the one at a Greensboro, North Carolina, sit-in at a lunch counter by four African-American students in 1960.

As word of this sit-in spread, it was soon followed by others across the South. As Gladwell notes, at the time, there was no Facebook or Twitter nor anything like these. Word was spread by word of mouth, telephone, and media news articles. And between and among the ones organizing and joining sit-ins there were strong bonds which later became tested by brutalities of white resistance including fire bombings and murders.

Though the particular turn social networking will take from the scrutiny it is getting cannot be predicted, there is no doubt substantive changes in users’ relationships with it and what they are expecting from it are occurring.

Tips For Finding The Best Car Accessories

Planning to buy accessories for your car? Here are some of the factors that you need to consider:


One of the important factors that you need to consider when finding the best accessories is your needs. Basically, when choosing auto parts and accessories, you have to pay attention to your driving habits, tastes, preferences and your lifestyle as well. Always keep in mind that the market is bombarded with tons of accessories and some of those are not really essential and are just at your disposal. You certainly want to spend your money on something worth it. So always determine the purpose of the accessories and check if it will be beneficial for your car.


Another important factor that you need to take into consideration is your safety. This is one of the things that you should prioritize above all.  Hence, it is recommended to invest in car accessories that would uphold and prioritize your safety. Some of these accessories include alarms systems, first aid kits, flashlights, airbags, emergency kits and many more. Knowing that your car is equipped with safety and protective tools and accessories will give you peace of mind so you will be more comfortable driving. 


The good thing about the market of car accessories is that there are several merchants and providers that you can choose from. This is why it is very important to consider your budget when buying. It is advisable to go for merchants that offer quality accessories and yet very affordable. If you are in a tight budget, it’s better to invest first on accessories that prioritize your safety before buying ornamental accessories. In addition, to ensure that your money goes to something worth it, buy only from stores that are reliable and trusted like this website: 

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

There are thousands of diet plans guaranteeing quick weight loss, from shakes to pills, the list can go on forever. What if I told you I knew the secret to lose weight and you probably have it in your fridge right now? This article will discuss what foods you can eat to actually help you burn calories and lose weight as you follow the Noom diet. These Noom diet reviews will help you understand the effectiveness of this diet plan as well.

After doing hours and hours of research, and testing these foods on myself, I have finally found a way to lose weight that does not require a miracle drug. The simplest best way I have, found to lose weight, nature provided for us. Did you know that there are certain foods that will actually make your body burn more calories than they contain? It’s true, I have found nine fruits and fifteen vegetables that actually cause you to lose weight. All you have to do is to add them to your daily diet. This is how it works. Say an apple has 100 calories, it takes 150 calories for your body to digest the apple therefore, you have burned 50 calories just by eating this apple.

Here is a list of the fruits that you can use to lose weight:

1 apple

2 berries

3 grapes

4 grapefruit

5 kiwi

6 oranges

7 strawberries

8 watermelon

9 apricots

and Vegetables:

1 asparagus

2 beets

3 broccoli

4 cabbage

5 celery

6 carrots

7 cauliflower

8 cucumber

9 chili peppers

10 lettuce

11 sweet potatoes

12 spinach

13 tomatoes

14 yams

15 zucchini

If you want to speed up your weight loss even faster, eat foods that are high in fiber. High fiber food such as the ones above, make your body work harder to digest them and burn more calories then they contain. You can also, add a fiber supplement to your diet. To raise your metabolism, drink a lot of water. Scientists have proven that after you drink a glass of water, your metabolism begins to raise. Just imagine if you drank 8 glasses a day!!

A few more great foods for you to add to your diet that will help you lose weight and be healthy are salmon and almonds. You will benefit from both of these foods greatly. If you want to lose weight even faster, add 15 minutes of exercise to your daily routine, three times a week. After two to three weeks, raise the quantity of time up to half of an hour three times a week.

Every day, people come up with new miracle diets that are said to help you take off the pounds really fast, but the best way to take off pounds is a natural way. Add a few new foods to your diet and get some exercise then you will see those pounds drop off.

Ten Tempting Gardening Blogs

Most gardeners love to share their passion with other gardeners. We love to share ideas, tips and perspectives are always welcome, at least for this gardener. We have each had our own great successes or failures in our gardening lives, and someone else canal way stand to learn from our personal gardening lessons. Here are ten of the gardening blogs I follow for great information, ideas and occasionally a good laugh.

Eco Scaping is a blog that I started reading back when it was called “Garden Junkies”. I started reading the blog because the writer, Monica Hemingway, is currently living in my state, which means that the zone specific information was particularly useful in the informational posts. Now that the blog has slightly shifted its focus to more ecologically friendly lawn and garden posts it has only become more interesting. This is the perfect blog for those that read gardening magazines or websites and feel like those writers expect you to know as much as they do on the subject. If I knew all the answers I would not be looking for more information, and Monica seems to have been in the same boat and gives all the necessary information rather than glossing over the details.

Your Organic Gardening Blog is a regularly updated blog that makes good use of tags so it is easy to go back and find information that you need as you need it. The information in the blog covers everything related to organic gardening, from safe pest repellants, recipes, which flowers will best attract the insects that you want in your garden and basic gardening information.

Heavy Petal is a gardening blog from an unexpected perspective. The blog dubbed itself as “from a West Coast Urban Organic gardening perspective”. Intrigued yet? I was, and found myself drawn in and reading back page by page when I first discovered this blog. Andrea Bellamy, who is a home and garden writer living in Vancouver, Canada, maintains the blog. That would be zone 8B, which is a couple zones different from my own, but I still find some fantastic information in the blog.

This Garden is Illegal caught my eye because of the title, and kept my attention as I read blog entries the first time I stumbled upon it. The bog does cover gardening, the wonders of nature and is full of interesting bits of musings and facts that relate back to gardening. What I love about this blog, and keeps me reading regularly, are the interjections about how garden related things affect everyday life. The posts that I read make me want to be friends with the writer, Hanna, even though we live states apart. Complete information will be obtained from official site of the websites. For the person, this website has numerous articles that should be helpful to neophyte gardeners. The information will be correct and true for the person interested in the gardening of the foods and fruits. 

Garden Rant is a blog by four women that are sick of the ‘perfect’ gardens we see on magazine covers and on television. They focus their posts and attention on real gardeners and all the rambling and sometime chaotic aspects to our lawns, gardens and lives. Rants include doses of gardening reality, information on gardening, gardening in the media and the affect gardening can have in everyone’s lives. I love this blog because I can see that they all love gardening and while they think gardening is important and powerful, they do not take themselves too seriously.

From Seeds to Harvest is a blog maintained by Noelle Kaler. This is the perfect blog for those that love to garden but have limited space in which to do so. The blog gives advice and personal experiences about everything from starting seeds for garden planting to which plants grow best together in companion planting. As a gardener with limited yard space that would result in viable vegetable gardens, I appreciate the advice and similar experiences.

66 Square Feet is the blog for Marie Viljoen and her adventures, including gardening on a terrace in New York. He blog is about life, gardening, food, cooking and living in a small space with a man and a cat. The blog also covers her trips to South Africa and the complete love of nature. The pictures included in the blog are stunning, and the information is interesting and helpful for fellow gardeners trying to garden as much as possible in small amounts of space.

Grown in the City is another great blog for readers working with small spaces. However, the maintainer John Reinhardt also includes information on home improvement, farmers markets and any number of topics related to food grown in an urban environment.

Shirley, otherwise known as the “EdenMaker, maintains Eden Makers Blog . She is a California based professional landscape designer, gardening coach, and broadcaster that also hosts a “Garden Police” on HGTV. She also hosts The information in the blog is categorized well, and is searchable.

Our Twenty Minute Kitchen Garden is a blog based on the idea that a garden can be maintained but healthy and productive if the gardener simply spends twenty minutes tending to garden business every day. No matter what the season there is always something that can be done to make your garden better and more productive, and this blog helps keep me motivated, remind me to do things I might otherwise forget about and gives me new ideas and information that makes me a better gardener.

There are more great gardening blogs out there, some of which I also follow. Nevertheless, as always I had to limit my list to something manageable and readable. If you have a favorite garden blog that I missed feel free to post it in the comment section so that other readers have a chance to check those sites out as well.

How to Straighten Up Your CyberLife

Pick one main social networking site

There are lots of social networking websites available for internet users. That does not mean that you should join all of them. Many people have multiple profiles on these websites. While it may be a great idea to be accessible in various places, you should not have several social networking profiles. It does not make sense to join Myspace, Facebook, Friendster and Classmates all at the same time.

This becomes confusing after a while. You will not continue to keep up with many of these websites. As time passes, your profile on many of these online destinations will become stale. These types of inactive profiles are doing nothing except taking up valuable space. Choosing one social networking site allows one to stay on top of their profile.

If you have eight different profiles all over the internet, you will lose focus of your online presence over time. Multiple online profiles can eventually turn into a job. It is not easy to manage ten different online profiles. Unless you are making money from them, it is useless to have several online pages. Internet users should not have more than two social networking profiles.

Be consistent with your blogs

Some people manage numerous blogs. This is another area where you can easy mess up your cyber life. Just because you manage multiple blogs does not mean that they should all have confusing author profiles and contact information. It is important to be consistent with your blogs. Doing so will minimize confusion among your readers. The Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers Cheap will offer regular bonus and rewards to the clients on the purchase. It will increase the engagement of the business person at online site. The rates will be affordable for the person to increase the real followers. 

This can also help your marketing efforts. Using the same name and information will help others find more sites created by you. Updating your blogs on a frequent basis is also important. It may be more efficient to update all of your sites on the same day. That way, you can make sure that you are keeping up with everything that you have started online.

Notify visitors of your departure

One might decide to stop posting on their blog or online social networking profile. There is nothing wrong with choosing leave certain websites alone. However, it is best to notify your visitors, friends or readers of your intent to close down a profile or blog. Ignoring this simple action is rude. It conveys that you do not value your readers or online friends at all. The least that you can do is tell people that you will no longer be active on a particular site. This will help others decide on whether they should update their site to remove links or other information related to you.

Many online websites have added features similar to social networking destinations. This may cause some confusion for those trying to maintain the least amount of profiles. Online forums, chat rooms and video sites like Youtube do not count when maintaining an appropriate online profile quota. It is not necessary to always stay on top of your profile for websites like these. You can insert a photo and some basic information, and then leave it there. The number of profiles only matter when a particular website operated for the sole purpose of community and networking.

If you liked this article, you may enjoy “How to Keep your Myspace Friends”.

Be More Productive By Online Games And Sharpen Your Skills

Working all day can make your depressed, and the best way to avoid it is to find some great source of entertainment that can also enhance your skills. Spending a lot of time in working doesn’t make your product, but doing things that you love will make you efficient and productive. Online gaming is one of those things that is a great leisure activity and helps to sharpen the skills. Studies have proven that online games provide skills that are quite beneficial to business owners and executives. You can play other online games like Poker Online Indonesia and win rewards.

  1. Be Tactical

Most online games are chance-driven, that doesn’t mean you must not play games with strategies. You must practice tactical thinking skills, as this will improve your chance of winning. With an accurate strategy, you can manage risks in the game and can win.

  1. Learn time management

No doubt, online games are quite addictive, which is the time when your ability to manage time will be tested. It would help if you allocated time to both work and games. You must stay disciplined and know when to work and when to play. This will help you to enjoy after completing work and will make learning the value of time management.

  1. Cognitive strength

The main effect of playing video games is that they strengthen your attention. Attention refers to your capability to focus on relevant things and remove irrelevant options. As productivity depends on the use of brainpower effectively, video games help to learn how to target things.

  1. Teamwork

Teamwork is crucial whether you are playing games or working in a company. In multiplayer games, you need to focus on taking all players along with you to win.

Video games provide excellent benefits to everyone and boost your skills. Games can train well your memory and other skills.

Bum Marketing Vs. Article Marketing: Driving Affiliate Sales Vs. Web Traffic

Have you heard of”‘bum marketing” yet? No, this is not where you hire a bunch of street people to hold up signs for advertising your site on the street corner. It’s a “new” twist on the article marketing method put out by Travis Slago. It’s a no-brainer, really, and you should consider becoming a bum. So what’s the difference between article marketing and bum marketing? There are a few subtle nuances, so let’s take a quick look .

In article marketing, the objective is to drive traffic and links to your specific Web site on a certain subject. By writing a dozen articles and distributing them to 50 or 100 article directories, they can provide excellent back-links to your site to boost your Google Page Rank, as well as provide traffic – especially if someone else picks up a copy for their newsletter or eZine. A few people considered using this to promote affiliate programs as well, but the basis was to generate the traffic from mass quantity, rather than the quality of the sites the articles were on.

In bum marketing, however, the objective is to drive affiliate sales, plain and simple. Most article directories won’t allow affiliate links, so you’ll have to drive the traffic to your own landing page and then take them on in to the sales page. Another BIG difference is that we’re not looking for a hudred article directories to submit to. We’re looking for the top 3 – 5 that will get your article indexed by Google and the other major search engines quickly. By targeting long-tail keywords with decent monthly traffic and little specific competition, your site can end up in the top positions of these search engines pretty easily. Then, the traffic comes from actual people doing very specific searches for your product or service, rather than dozens of article sites and ezines. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to get traffic from anywhere you want to. However, using this method, you can get your articles indexed anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the site(s) you submit it to. Then, it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for the traffic and sales conversions. With a registration at online websites, learn affiliate marketing for the benefits. The position of the websites will be effective for the sale and purchase of the products. The conversations will be allowed among the customers and sellers for marketing. The survival in the competition will be effective for the person. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not going to be a “get rich quick” program. However, Travis says he averages (after it’s all said and done) about $20 per month per article. So, using 1/2 his average (since my “luck” is never as good as those online ‘guru’ folks), we can develop a simple formula that says if I want $1000 a month, I need 100 articles out there working for me. If I want $3000 a month, then I need 300 articles out there working for me. Will it take time? Yes, it will. However, consider this: by targeting the long-tail keywords within any niche, you will actually have less competition for those terms. Your article could potentially stay at the top of the search engine listings for a long time. So, once you get this system in place at the level you want, it’s only a matter of maintenance.

Just think of it like a sales organization. The regional leader can only be successful if he has hundreds of salesmen out there working for him. In fact, typically he’ll get an override on their sales of a certain percentage. Each salesman working under him may only generate $10 a month income for the regional director. However, by leveraging the power of duplication (sound like an MLM pitch, don’t I … LOL) he can develop a long-term residual income that is semi-stable. You’re always going to have turn-over, but once you get a base of performers established, it’s all maintenance from there on out.

Article marketing is exactly the same way. Bum marketing just takes it to the next level, and makes it even easier, if that’s possible. The biggest deterrent to success with this method will be the same thing it always is: procrastination and paralysis of analysis. Think long, think wrong. Put up or go home.

Increase Gym Membership with Yoga

Yoga, which once seemed another passing fad, has become a force supreme in the fitness industry. It is now a multi-billion dollar business consisting of fitness professionals offering yoga classes and retailers peddling yoga products. So if you’re a club owner or manager who has not yet tapped into the yoga market, you’re missing out on perhaps the most lucrative fitness craze since Jazzercise. Indeed, yoga could be one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to boost member retention and recruitment.

A fitness club should begin by attracting seasoned yoga fans. Many gyms will succeed in increasing revenue just by targeting this existing market. Offer up some classes with a certified yoga instructor to help bring in members. Since the equipment required is relatively inexpensive – most exercisers own their own mats, and other implements can be purchased in bulk rather cheaply – expenses can be kept to a minimum. Gyms should also consider allowing non-members to pay for classes offered, as there are many yoga enthusiasts out there who are not looking for the traditional amenities of a club.

How about offering yoga products for sale? Yoga equipment and apparel are big revenue generators in the retail market. Don’t have the stomach for selling? Consider trading referrals with a local yoga product provider to help increase enrollment.

You might even try targeting the uninitiated. Many health club members have never tried yoga and hold some misconceptions about it. Some fear that they are not flexible enough to perform yoga. Men may have the impression that it is too “girly.” Some may even feel that yoga is altogether too “hip.” If Madonna’s doing it, then they’re not doing it.

Many fitness club members are not familiar with yoga products either. “You mean I have to carry a mat around with me? Are these building blocks? Sandbags? Zafu what?” And like martial arts, yoga has many bizarre-sounding disciplines. Most people simply don’t know Svaroopa from Sivananda. These factors combine to put an “exotic” stamp on yoga, something which intimidates many gym goers. With a registration at, there will be proper information about yoga postures.

So how does a fitness center break through these barriers? Try posting a list of yoga myths and truths. Tout the benefits of yoga, such as its role in alleviating lower back pain and lowering stress levels. Let people know that they need not contort their bodies into the shape of a pretzel. Create a poster explaining yoga products.

Too often, yoga doesn’t leave the studio, so classes are limited to those who are already hooked on it. If you’re interested in turning members on to yoga, hold a quick how-to session on the gym room floor, and afterward, encourage people to sign up for a class. By bringing the session to the floor, those bored or frazzled by the same humdrum workout who might otherwise consider giving up their membership will have a chance to try something new.

The gym has long been the place for muscle heads, those swingers of iron plates and bars. But not everyone is looking for bulging biceps. By adding some yoga products to your equipment cache and hiring a top-notch yoga instructor, you’ll help meet your retention goals. Perhaps you’ll even add some new members too!