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The Best 4 Bitcoin Trading Strategies

In any type of investment, strategies are very crucial as the way to approach your investments scheme is the basis of how much money you will get. Of course, if you have quality strategies, you will earn more profit otherwise, you will have a hard time growing your money. This principle also applies to Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading has been getting popularity over time and a lot of people are getting interested in entering the realm if cryptocurrency. Not sure whether to trust bitcoin evolution? You are in the right place. This article will provide you with ways on how you can enhance your bitcoin trading strategies.

Diversify your trades

One of the effective ways to minimize risk is to spread out your investment in different platforms or instruments. Aside from bitcoin, you can also try to combine litecoin, ethereum, ripple and other sound cryptocurrencies in the market. Basically, a diversified trade is more likely to generate more profit.

Minimize Trading cost

It is also important to minimize trading cost. Surely, you don’t want to spend huge amount of money for the cost of your trading activities. Thus, it is advisable to choose the best and trustworthy exchange that offers low trade fees.

Watch trading times

You should also plan trading times that can match your schedule. You have to be mindful that bitcoin is operating 24 hours a day. Hence, you must be very vigilant in order to grab the opportunities.

Follow Bitcoin News

It is also important that you keep yourself posted about the current news in Bitcoin. In this way, you can take action immediately and make wise decisions effectively.

Use Technical Analysis

You should also be technical when trading bitcoins. This will allow you to have accuracy and calculated risks.

Best Holiday Gadgets For The Guys

Sometime in the next month – maybe even on that stampede we call Black Friday – you will find yourself in an electronics store searching for something great to give the men in your life and when that moment arrives, chances are you will want two things out of your shopping experience.

First, you’ll want to get that one gift that will make his eyes pop and jaw drop on Christmas morning when the family gathers around the tree, and second, you’ll want to get the heck out of that store as quickly as possible. Well, the following suggestions should help you on your way to accomplishing both of those goals in a spectacular fashion.

However, before I go any further you should know that every one of the following gift ideas can be found at your local Best Buy store so you won’t have to go searching far and wide for them. In fact, other than Apple products, which are confined to Best Buy and Apple Stores – and consequently enough isn’t even on this list – these suggestions should all be available at any major electronics conglomerate so shop away and support whichever store your heart desires. It’s worth noting however that the prices I quote are off of the Best Buy website so you may see a tiny bit of variation. Additionally, you can also find such devices on which will make it really easy for you to shop a product that is suitable for your friend, husband, or brother.

Gifts That’ll Make His Day:

1) Sony Bravia With Google TV – the perfect gift for the tech and sports lover combined this is a computer and an amazing TV all in one. Does he want to check scores online while the game plays in the top right corner? Now he can. Does he want to update his Facebook and let all his friends know his team is crushing theirs? Go ahead! The possibilities are really astounding when the internet and TV come together in such a perfect union. Cost – $600-$1,400

2) Bose Lifestyles Home Entertainment Systems – not for the faint of heart or wallet these gifts are for the big spenders. These Bose systems range from $1,999.99 all the way up to $3,299.99 but believe me, it’s worth the money. Something you may want to get professionally installed (unless you like watching the man of the house struggle with a toolbox prove his manhood) these puppies make an action movie sound like it’s happening to you, not around you. You may want to keep the price tag intact on this one though, just in case he gives you any grief within the next 2 or 3 years. Cost – $2,000 – $3,300

3) Internet Connectable BluRay Player – there are a lot of brands to choose from so it’s up to you to choose your favorite on this one. These gadgets are really cool for a few reasons, not the least of which are the 1080p High Definition Picture, full surrounds sound audio and internet apps like Netflix and Pandora radio. On a side note if you already have an incredible television then Sony’s $399.99 BluRay player with Google TV built-in might be the perfect mix. All the Google TV perks of options one plus BluRay and minus most of the cost. Cost – $130-$399

4) A Smart Phone – I would be more specific here however there are just too many brands and options out there no matter which carrier you choose. Everything from the iPhone 4 to the plethora of Android phones such as the DroidX and the HTC Evo count as amazing gifts. Get them a computer that can fit in their pocket and watch as it literally changes every aspect of their day today. Also if you wanted to coordinate gifts with a friend or family member the next gift would go great with any smartphone. Cost – Varies depending on contract options as well as phone choice.

5) Slingbox – If the man in your life does any kind of traveling or hunting this is a perfect gift. – especially when paired with a smartphone or laptop. A Slingbox basically “slings” your TV to your laptop or smartphone so that no matter where you are you can catch your shows just like you were watching them at home. The keywords to use when explaining this gift to the recipient? “Watch the game from anywhere!” Cost – $190-$300

6) Tivo – last but certainly not to be overlooked simply because it’s been around awhile, Tivo can replace your current cable or satellite box while doing all those cool things you’ve heard about. Record shows, rewind to see what happened the last 5 minutes while you were attending to that puking emergency, this is a gift everyone can and will enjoy. Most importantly a Tivo box can go a long way in preventing those squabbles over who gets to pick the channel. Cost – $300-$500 (plus a minimum of $8.31 per month service charge)

No matter what gift you choose to be sure that these suggestions are instant winners. In fact, that’s the great thing about men, no matter how old we get if it’s shiny, has lights on it and does something cool our friends can’t do then we’ll like it. Whether you’re spending a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand, you’ll still be able to see that smile spread across his face when it’s time for the wrapping paper to come off. So go out and brave those electronics store aisles and pushy salesman because, in the end, that’s what he’ll appreciate most. Unless you get him a sweater – he probably won’t appreciate a sweater.

Product Review: Community Coffee Dark Roast

Community Coffee Dark Roast is usually the coffee of choice in Louisiana. Community Coffee has been a family owned business in Louisiana for over 85 years. It started out when one of the brothers of a local store started buying whole coffee beans, grinding them and re-selling in the family store. He named this blend “Community” after the local community of friends and family who frequented the store. The coffee became so popular that it was soon being delivered by buggy and wagon all over the southern parts of the state.

Community Coffee Dark Roast

Today, Community Coffee Dark Roast is packaged in bright red bags. You can buy either 1 or 2 pound bags already ground and ready to brew in your coffee maker. But if you don’t have one yet, you can see some best 4-cup coffee maker reviews to help you find the best brand for you.

The Dark Roast is the original blend and the blend that the Cajuns fell in love with. It has a rich aroma, is full-bodied and has a deep, dark color of finely roasted coffee beans. If you are looking for a perfect “Wake-Up” call in the morning, Community Coffee Dark Roast will get the job done!

Community Coffee Dark Roast coffee is available in grocery stores throughout Louisiana. You can expect to pay around $5.49 per pound for the original blend.

Community Coffee also has a Medium blend for those wanting a milder flavored coffee and a Light Medium blend. Several other blends are available including the Breakfast Blend, Hotel Blend, New Orleans Blend (containing chicory) and a new Louisiana Blend which is a combination of Dark and Medium roasted beans. It is also available in decaffeinated.

Company Information

Community Coffee Specialty

P.O. Box 2311

Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Phone: 800-525-5583


My Thoughts On Community Coffee

I grew up drinking Community Coffee. I used to go next door to my grandparent’s house when I was a kid to have breakfast with them. I was allowed to have a cup of coffee with breakfast, something that didn’t happen at home. This was a treat and I grew up loving coffee. Now, as an adult I have a favorite coffee, it is Community Coffee Dark Roast. Friends and relatives who visit from out-of-state always remember the full flavor coffee we have in Louisiana.

In fact, on our last vacation to Tennessee, we stayed at a campground and the manager asked if we had an extra pound of Community Coffee upon learning we were from Louisiana. Since I only brought one pound along for our trip, we took him a Ziploc bag of Community Coffee Dark Roast so he could brew a couple of pots of Louisiana Coffee.


If you want to try a flavorful, full-bodied coffee with a great aroma, I would recommend Community Coffee Dark Roast. You don’t have to travel to Louisiana to get this coffee in modern days, you can order direct from their website. Enjoy a cup for breakfast or when you are just relaxing!

Sleep Eating: Causes And Treatments

Sleep eating, also called sleep-related eating disorder, nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, or sleep eating syndrome, is a disorder in which a person eats during their sleep. The person engages in sleep walking in order to get to the kitchen or other place where food is kept and then eats, usually large amounts of food, while still asleep.
Sleep eating may be caused by a number of things. Sleep eaters are often overweight and are often dieting at the time of the sleep eating episodes. Sleep eaters may be experiencing stressful life events at the time of the sleep eating episodes. Sleep eaters may have a history of alcoholism or drug abuse. They may have a history of other sleep disorders, such as sleep walking, restless leg syndrome, or sleep apnea. They may have an eating disorder.

Sleep eaters may eat food they deny themselves during the day, like candy, soda, and other “junk food.” They may eat odd things, like raw meat, or strange combinations of food, like mayonnaise spread on bacon or hot dogs dipped in peanut butter. They may even eat non-food items, like soap.

Sleep eaters may not initially realize they have this condition. They may, however, wake in the morning to find the kitchen is a mess, to find numerous food wrappers in the trash, or to find food missing. Family members may also tell them that they are eating during the night.

Sleep eaters may experience significant weight gain. They may experience excessive daytime sleepiness due to not getting a restful night’s sleep. They are at risk for injury during sleep walking and eating episodes, including cutting themselves while using knives, burning themselves while cooking, and choking on food. Sleep eaters may also experience emotional distress due to their condition.

The treatment for sleep eating may depend in part on the cause. If stress is determined to be a factor, stress management education, relaxation training, and/or counseling may help. If the sleep eater has a history of alcoholism or drug abuse, treatment for that condition is necessary. Likewise, if the sleep eater has an eating disorder, treatment for that condition is necessary. Reducing intake of caffeine and alcohol often helps.

If other sleep disorders are present, those should be treated. For instance, restless leg syndrome can be treated with prescription medication. Sleep apnea is often treated with a breathing machine called a CPAP machine.

There are a couple of prescription medications that have been found to be helpful in the treatment of sleep eating. These include benzodiazepines, which reduce motor activity during sleep, and dopaminergic agents such as Sinemet and Mirapex.

In addition, safety precautions should be taken to help prevent injury from occurring during sleep eating episodes. As with sleep walking, tripping over obstacles is a danger, so any low obstacles should be removed from the floor. Sharp knives and other sharp items can be put away where the sleep eater is less likely to get to them. Locking devices can be used on stove knobs to reduce the likelihood of the person using the stove in their sleep.

How To Get Free Stuff in Online Auctions Through Listia

Have you heard about Listia? Two entrepreneurial Sunnyvale Californians came up with the idea and it launched in August of 2009, an online auction site for totally free stuff. Some of the items offered are nice (think iPods, Laptops and expensive jewelry) and some of them are just plain silly (think bobble head dolls), but all of it is free for the taking.
So how does it work? Just sign up for an account. You’ll get at present 50 credits just for signing up. You can also get credits by referring friends who complete and auction, posting comments on an auction or cleaning out the garage and selling your own free stuff on Listia. You can then use those credits to bid on things you want. Some offer free shipping, some sellers charge a nominal shipping fee. Even with the small shipping fee, who wouldn’t want a brand new iPod for only $5 shipped to your door?

If you’re bidding on something you’ve really got to have and you’ve run out of credits, don’t fret. Listia also sells credits so you can purchase a few to get that free video game you’ve been yearning for when you’ve run out of credits. You’ll still get the item you wanted at 90% or more off of the price you’d pay on eBay or other online marketplaces.

What’s the exchange rate? Well, there’s currently an iPod Touch cover going for about 60 credits on Listia. You can head on over to eBay and grab it for about $30. That’s about 2 Listia credits per US dollar. Of course the exchange rate varies from item to item, but it’s really not a big concern when all your credits are free.

What’s my best Listia strategy? Well, I’m currently planning on listing quite a few auctions and referring as many of my friends as possible to save up for a free laptop. I’m killing two birds with one stone: getting rid of a lot of things I don’t need and getting a laptop, which I definitely do need. You can also purchase a lot of the smaller items with fewer credits, and without having to save up the credits. Listia has a lot of coupon auctions that will get you free food and other necessities. Basically, they have something for everyone.

For coin collectors, Listia seems to be the new hot market for selling antique, vintage and collectible coins. Don’t pass them up if coin collecting is your hobby!

Is Listia better than Craigslist for getting rid of free stuff? Well, I don’t know about the larger things that would cost a lot to ship, but it is definitely the superior venue for more “shippable” goods. First of all, you don’t have to field a ton of e-mails, or SPAM offers when listing your item. Secondly, you know the person who wants your wares the most will end up being the highest bidder and therefore be most likely to follow through with payment (if there is any, for shipping). They will also be the most likely to enjoy what you have to offer. So thumbs up, to Listia!

Do I have to be careful of scams on Listia? Well, I haven’t seen any yet, but keep your eyes open. Hot new internet businesses almost always fall victim to scamming at one time or another. But Listia has a great way to ensure that you can trust buying and selling through their venue – a feedback system. Much like eBay, buyers and sellers can rate each other after an auction so you’ll get the heads up on any unsavory activity. Always check a sellers feedback before bidding. And just remember that you’d take the same precautions anywhere on the internet.

Listia is also an altruistic company and offers charity auctions. Though the charities are limited currently, they have plans to add many more in the future. If you have a benevolent nature, instead of giving your old junk to your local church or charity where they have to resell it to get the cash they need, put it on Listia instead and designate a portion of the funds for charity. It’s a great option if you want to give back.

So, go ahead. Clear out your closet and redeem all that old stuff for something you’ve had your eyes on for a long time, whether it be a free LCD TV, free laptop, free iPod, free cell phones or free DVDs. is the modern go-to source for trading online.

Hotel Spa Packages in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers more than casinos and gambling. The sophisticated hotels of Las Vegas also offer pampering spa treatments. These hotels offer ideal relaxing respites from the frenetic nightlife and shows. The hotels on this list do not include all of the hotels with spas in Las Vegas. These are some of the hotels that are offering spa packages.

The Venetian

3355 Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada
One of the world’s finest luxury resorts offers cuisine at 19 remarkable restaurants including celebrity chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller and Emeril Lagasse. Restaurants include: Aqua Knox, Bouchon at the Venetian, Delmonico Steakhouse, Lutece, Postrio, Royal Star, Tsuami Asian Grill, and Valentino Las Vegas. Five outdoor swimming pools. Whirlpools. Canyon Ranch Spa offers rejuvenating body treatments, massages and beauty treatments. AAA Four Diamond. Mobil Travel Guide Four Star.
Canyon Ranch Luxury Package includes Venetian Luxury Suite, $100 credit per suite per day at Canyon Ranch SpaClub, 2 spa passports per suite per day, invited guest check in, nightly turn down service. Weekdays from $259 per night. Weekends from $299 per night.

Caesars Palace

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada

Amenities include 12 restaurants including: Boa Steakhouse, Bobby Fley Mesa’s Grill, Bradley’s Ogden, Cafe Lago, Empress Court, Neros, Spago and Terrazza.There are four outdoor swimming pools, whirlpools and a spa. AAA Four Diamond Large Scale Hotel.
Qua Baths and Spa package includes two nights classic“xx` accommodations and $50 credit to the new Qua Spa.

Westin Casuarina Las Vegas Hotel, Casino and Spa

160 East Flamingo
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

The Westin is located just off of The Strip. Amenities include spa, whirlpool, outdoor pool. AAA Three Diamond Large Scale Hotel.
Calm all the way down includes modern accommodation for two, $50 spa credit, welcome spa amenity, full breakfast buffet for two daily, 4 pm late checkout (based on availability). Two night minimum stay required.

JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort, Spa and Golf

221 North Rampart Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

Restaurant on premises include Carmel, Ceres, and Spedini. Swimming pools, whirlpool, spa. AAA Four Diamond Large Scale Hotel.
Escape Spa Package includes deluxe guest room, champagne and strawberries, two 50 minute spa treatments, breakfast or two in Ceres Restaurant. From $399-$455.
A New Year…A New You Package includes deluxe guest room, breakfast or two, spa admission, special turn down. $205 – $299.

Platinum Hotel and Spa

211 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

Spacious suites, WELL Spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, poolside nightclub.
The new Platinum Hotel and Spa offers a WELL Spa package or the ultimate in pampering. Includes deluxe accommodations and day spa package.

Lake Las Vegas (outside of Las Vegas)

Montelago Village Resort
Lake Las Vegas

Located 17 miles from Las Vegas, MonteLago is located in the Lake Las Vegas Resort. Montelago echoes Mediterranean towns, with a slow, leisurely pace. Montelage has Old World charm with cobblestone streets, fountain, golf, spa and more create an unforgettable resort experience.

MonteLago Village Resort has partnered with Spa Moulay, with a Moroccan-inspired setting on the north shore o Lake Las Vegas. Sap Moulay offers a wonderful variety o spa services.
Spa Package includes one night studio lodging choice of one spa treatment per person. Starting from $155 per person. (double occupancy)
Golf and Spa Package includes accommodations studio lodging, one round of golf f nor one person, one spa treatment or one person. Starting from $152 per person. (double occupancy)

Homes In Middletown Connecticut

Middletown is a city in Middlesex County Connecticut and about 100 miles distant from New York City. Middletown is on the west bank of the Connecticut River and route 9 runs along the eastern boundary. There are a lot of reasonably prices houses for sale in Middletown, Connecticut today and there is a tremendous amount of new construction going on, both in the private home and condo areas.
There are a great many condos alone for sale in Middletown Connecticut. And in all price ranges. And in all style buildings. Many of them are in converted private homes that were so large they could be divided into four good size condos. As a matter of fact, the new condos being built now will sell in the $300,000 and up range for a two bedroom unit and look like a modern two family home.

Many of the houses are on lots of a half acre or more, making for nice size yards, both front and back. The houses include historic Victorian colonials and a few of the more modern contemporary styles. The newer homes being built are a combination of styles, with a modern touch to traditional houses like Tudors and Victorians.

Come to Middletown and take a look around. Drive in from your work and see just how long a commute it would be. The nearest train station is 10 miles away, which is really not that far. If Middletown feels like home and the commute is not that long, then take a look. Middletown is going through a growth period right now and who knows where that might lead both in terms of local employment and the prices of homes.

A four room two bed room mobile home for $49,900

A three room one bedroom condo for $66,900

A four room two bedroom condo for $88,000

A seven room four bedroom two story home for $119,900

A five room three bedroom historic cottage for $122,500

A five room two bedroom condo in a historic house for $124,900

A six room three bedroom Victorian for $129,900

A six room three bedroom townhouse condo for $146,900

A seven room three bedroom condo in a detached two story house for $149,900

A seven room four bedroom Victorian for $289,900

A ten room three bedroom raised ranch on a half acre for $399,900

A seven room three bedroom colonial for $425,000

A nine room four bedroom colonial on an acre of land for $439,900

A seven room 3 bedroom contemporary story and a half for $459,900

A ten room five bedroom colonial for $479,900

A ten room four bedroom colonial for $544,900

An eight room four bedroom colonial on close to two acres of land for $549,900

A brand new nine room four bedroom colonial on an acre of land for $624,900

A ten room four bedroom colonial mansion on over 9 acres of land for $1,950,000

Hippie Van Travels: Cheap Camping In The Florida Keys

About eighty-miles down Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys…lies a little-known gem, hidden within the mangroves, where you can camp for twenty-dollars a night all summer long. Right at Mile Marker 20…in the middle of Key Deer habitat on Sugarloaf Key, road-trippers will find Lazy Lakes RV Resort amp; Campground, along with a friendly staff and amenities galore. Situated at the end of Johnson Road…on a seven acre salt-water lake that just beckons a fishing line, a splashing swimmer, or a row boat to skim-along its crystal clear waters; this ‘bargain-of-a-campground’ is sure to impress, with all it has to offer the budget-conscious traveler.

But if fishing, swimming in the lake, or boating and canoeing isn’t part of your itinerary; leisure time by the sparkling pool…enjoying the free WIFI that Lazy Lakes provides at the clubhouse, just might be the fun you seek. If you’re lucky, and close-enough to the office, you might even be able to pick-up the free signal from your campsite. I did a few times, and our camp was pretty far away.

While the leisure activities and amenities at Lazy Lakes are many, Key West is just a fifteen-minute drive down the scenic route of tropical-green Caribbean waters along U.S. Highway 1. The speed limit is 55 all the way, so you can lollygag a bit until you reach Stock Island. Crossing over Cow Key Channel– a popular anchorage for sailors –first sight of the most-famous key in this chain of flat-land islands is like a breath of fresh air, followed by a sigh of relief that finally…you are there.

There’s just something about making the entire 113 mile journey down The Highway That Goes to Sea– better-known as Overseas Highway –and the exhilaration of crossing Seven-Mile-Bridge; knowing that this is-as far south as any land-lubbing snowbird can venture. As for us sailors who welcome the mysteries of the ocean, we could’ve hopped aboard a blue-water cruiser and just kept right on going. Having acquired a sailboat since our visit to the Keys, perhaps we can someday make that dream a reality.

Even though the allure of Key West was only fifteen minutes away, we found ourselves quite-comfortable nestled into our campsite there at Lazy Lakes (I think it was site-number 61); where the previous ‘tenants’ had left a string of Christmas lights wrapped around the trunk of a palm tree bordering our spot. We took advantage of the warm ambiance that the lights on the palm evoked; lighting-up Camp Peniki each night of the three weeks we were there in the Florida Keys. Sitting out by the lake, which was right behind our camp, we’d visit with new-found friends; singing and playing guitar into the early morning hours. I recall a few of those late evenings with our island friends. Baby had long-been sleeping, so it was a nice time to enjoy some relaxation and music; writing some new songs along the way.

I look back on our days at Lazy Lakes with fond memories of swimming with Baby in the pool, riding down to Key West with our beach cruisers on the back of our old VW van, seeing the Southernmost Point, and the tropical macaws at one island eatery in Duval Square Mall: chatting with the nice owner, as we dined alfresco and sipped mango daiquiris at New York Pasta Garden; all-the-while being entertained by the chattering birds. But the shining moment, I have to say, was the night we took Gypsy Vin Rose (the vocal-acoustical duo of mine and my husband’s) to the Sunset Celebration on Mallory Square.

We entertained locals and travelers alike that evening, with original songs we’d written and composed along the way of our road-trip…and for years prior. I can still see the sun-setting into the ocean, dipping-behind Sunset Key (formerly known as Tank Island). I recall from my mind’s eye: sailboats cruising past, onlookers in awe of nature’s show, storm clouds coming from out of nowhere, and once again, I am there. Just in time, we close our show as the sun disappears and the rain begins to fall. Our time in Key West is coming to an end; this we know. But the memories of our three weeks in the Florida Keys, and the Blessings of new friends and a great place to be– as Lazy Lakes was –will forever remain a part of the journey…and a life so very-worth every mile.

Harrah’s, Council Bluffs, Lowa

Located on the banks of the Missouri River between Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, is one of the jewels in the Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation’s network of hotels and casinos. With 251 luxurious rooms, it is a highlight in the network of facilities.

The driveway through landscaped areas to the portico of the hotel/casino passes through a couple parking areas The drive to the parking garage is to the left. Covered parking is convenient and elevators from the parking garage open into the hotel lobby area on the opposite side from the main entrance. As you enter the large foyer you see a fountain like area in the center with seasonal decorations. 

The hotel is just north of the main entrance where 12 floors of quiet, well appointed room and suites are located. During the week, starting price on the rooms is $69.99. On the lower level is a fitness center for the use of hotel guests.

To the south of the main entrance is the convention center.

.Two restaurants are located just off the main atrium. The Fresh Market Buffet is a gourmet buffet that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just across the pathway is Ace’s Diner which serves snack foods along with sandwiches and gigantic pieces of cake. Also located in this area is the nightclub Stir – Live And Loud where they have live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings.

A wide walkway leads to the security station and parking garage elevators. The security station separates the hotel area from the casino area at the hotel end of the walkway. There are overstuffed leather upholstered chairs placed strategically about for the comfort of the patrons on the walkway to the casino.

The casino is entered on a level that contains tables games and slot machines. It is the center level of the public parts of the boat. The entryway contains stairs up and down as well as an elevator. The restrooms are at this location on the three public levels.

The Players Club (known as The Total Rewards Club) is located to the left of the main entrance. Table games run down the center of the room. At each end of the table array are one roulette table and one craps table. Between them are thirteen tables that are mostly blackjack tables but do include a Let It Ride table, a 3-card poker table, and a pai gow table. The tables are surrounded by slot machines mostly in the penny denomination.

The room on the lower level contains video poker machines and slot machines in about even numbers. There is a bar (with bar top video poker machines) on the left side of the area.

The third floor is home to the Captain’s Lounge. Admission to the lounge is restricted but there are several ways to gain admission. Details about admission are available at the Player’s Club on the main floor. The Captain’s Lounge has a complimentary bar, complimentary food, some video poker and slot machines, and 14 flat screen televisions where patrons can watch their favorite shows.

Employees are bright and cheerful and a short stay in the casino or a longer stay including the hotel can be a pleasurable experience.

Green Rydel

The only Vacuum cleaner shop that I have used is Rydel’s in Lodi, California. I have purchased my cleaners from them along with my Allergenic disposable vacuum cleaner bags. A time or two ago when I went in to the shop I noticed a big difference in the shop’s appearance. Everything was new and modern with an earthy feel. Fresh new wall colors, counter tops and new styles of deep cleaning allergy relief vacuums, Miele, Simplicity, Sebo, Oreck and some bargain models. I commented on the new look and the clerk was very appreciative as he began to describe not only the new look but their new approach to going Green. He was not pushy about it only very informative. I loved all his advice and took to heart the smart choices that his new and returning customers will soon be making. I am glad to see he is doing so well as all the times I’ve been in there he has someone waiting to be helped.
Meet the new Rydel’s Vacuum Shop,

Rydel’s Healthy Home

26 W. Lodi Avenue

Lodi, California 95240


Rydel’s in downtown Lodi on Lodi and School streets is centrally located to better serve the entire community. Along with their many deep cleaning allergy relief vacuums they have air purifiers, steam cleaners, air sterilizers, central vacuums and micro-fiber cloths and mops. Rydel’s has been in business since 1954 and offers every environmentally safe household cleaning product imaginable.

Also available at Rydel’s Healthy Home store is safe non-toxic household cleaners, Mrs. Meyers cleaning products like laundry and dish soaps, tile cleaners, air fresheners and natural soy candles that are all healthy for the environment. I purchased some air refresher that is an oil based product in a pump spray. With only one or two short squirts the job is done. I need to replace my filters so those were ordered for me with no problem, but in the mean time I will freshen the vacuum cleaner bag and the filter with a couple of squirts of my new fresh peach scent freshener to relieve the dog odors in my carpets.

By going green we can do our part by supporting a healthy home. I know I need to get some sound advice from the knowledgeable sales people at Rydel’s, in Lodi on how I can better clean my bedroom, my husband gets a stuffy nose as soon as it’s time to go to bed. My guess is my hairspray, that I use in the morning that lingers; I’m not too keen about spraying my hair outside.