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Pokémon Go’s Secret Anti-Cheat Update

Niantic Labs has been talking about some tuff work against bots and 3rd party apps, we’ve to think we found a clue as to what they have under their sleeve.

Okay, so Niantic Labs have decided to step it up a notch with their new minor bot fix update for a better Pokemon go accounts experience for all the players. They’ve implemented a system that pops up a captcha whenever your player seems to be doing something fishy. This hasn’t officially gone live yet, but a Reddit user found source codes that make it believable.

Captcha is used to prevent spam and bot attacks on websites and there is little idea on how it’s going to be used on Pokémon Go.

How it’s supposed to work is by tracking the user’s actions before, and after clicking “I’m not a robot”. If it detects unusual patterns during gameplay, the user is denied access.

The Fast Poke Map developer used a “man in the middle“ abuse method to get a snap of the Captcha, and as expected it is Google’s reCaptcha behind the scenes, the protobuf sends you a URL that goes live during gameplay.

However, I’ve seen many games do these sort of things bot nukes, and bots always find their way around. I know normal Java scripted Captcha gives you a token that allows you to do this every 9 days however this will not be like that.

Not to mention that it totally depends on how Niantic releases the Captcha.

If they use it when players have to interact with the system, then maps could be fine. However, if they are smarter about it and deploy the captcha when they see any sort of suspicious behavior, then maps will be in trouble.

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