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Produce More Collagen? Don’t Get Taken in by Ads

There are numerous websites putting forth convincing theories on how to make the body produce collagen. These are, actually, advertisement gimmicks. They are, in fact, trying to get you to buy their bio-available collagen products. What exactly are these products? Do they actually improve the look of one’s skin? Do these products do anything positive?

These are advertisements which in fact brainwash one into believing that just taking their products would help the body produce collagen. The message that they try to convey is very simple, straightforward forward and convincing – Your collagen levels which would have dropped will not return to their normal level by taking a dose of their new wonder supplement. However, there are some best collagen eye masks that are really helpful but even such masks can not help you in growing collagen in your body. 

Bio-available collagen products provide amino acids. Amino acids are not bad. In fact, they are taken on a regular basis for a lot of people. What is objectionable is the fact the advertisements misinform people. They send out the wrong message that taking amino acids would increase collagen production.

Adding these supplements to one’s diet would positively increase the amount of collagen. There is no doubt about that. But what has to be borne in mind, is the fact that there definitely has to be an adequate quantity of it to make a difference to one’s looks. If this criterion is not met, through supplements to one’s diet, the required amount of collagen cannot be obtained.

There are numerous websites that advertise on bio-available collagen products. It has been found that at least a dozen or more of these do not agree on which ingredient actually makes collagen grow. This disagreement sounds very strange though all the products claim to work. It opens a new line of thought.

We have to understand how to energize the body to produce collagen. There are, first of all, different amino acids that are distinctive to the three chains of the collagen subunits. Among the products advertised, there was no one formula that was available listing all the amino acids that are crucial for the promotion of collagen.

It is clear that all the new bioavailable collagen products are far from satisfactory. But there is a solution. It has been found that there is a far superior product available – a product that contains a protein blend known as Functional Keratin. Functional Keratin is composed of all the vital ingredients required to stimulate the body to produce not only more collagen but also more elastic.

In short, Functional Keratin was discovered through research from a development team of a company in New Zealand. It is interesting to know that Functional Keratin is derived from the wool of sheep. Sheep are native to New Zealand.

In conclusion, it can be seen that there is no bioavailable collagen product with ingredients in its composition to produce the required results. So, it is pointless wasting money on such products.

So, Functional Keratin is an important ingredient to make the body produce collagen.

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