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Product Review: Community Coffee Dark Roast

Community Coffee Dark Roast is usually the coffee of choice in Louisiana. Community Coffee has been a family owned business in Louisiana for over 85 years. It started out when one of the brothers of a local store started buying whole coffee beans, grinding them and re-selling in the family store. He named this blend “Community” after the local community of friends and family who frequented the store. The coffee became so popular that it was soon being delivered by buggy and wagon all over the southern parts of the state.

Community Coffee Dark Roast

Today, Community Coffee Dark Roast is packaged in bright red bags. You can buy either 1 or 2 pound bags already ground and ready to brew in your coffee maker. But if you don’t have one yet, you can see some best 4-cup coffee maker reviews to help you find the best brand for you.

The Dark Roast is the original blend and the blend that the Cajuns fell in love with. It has a rich aroma, is full-bodied and has a deep, dark color of finely roasted coffee beans. If you are looking for a perfect “Wake-Up” call in the morning, Community Coffee Dark Roast will get the job done!

Community Coffee Dark Roast coffee is available in grocery stores throughout Louisiana. You can expect to pay around $5.49 per pound for the original blend.

Community Coffee also has a Medium blend for those wanting a milder flavored coffee and a Light Medium blend. Several other blends are available including the Breakfast Blend, Hotel Blend, New Orleans Blend (containing chicory) and a new Louisiana Blend which is a combination of Dark and Medium roasted beans. It is also available in decaffeinated.

Company Information

Community Coffee Specialty

P.O. Box 2311

Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Phone: 800-525-5583


My Thoughts On Community Coffee

I grew up drinking Community Coffee. I used to go next door to my grandparent’s house when I was a kid to have breakfast with them. I was allowed to have a cup of coffee with breakfast, something that didn’t happen at home. This was a treat and I grew up loving coffee. Now, as an adult I have a favorite coffee, it is Community Coffee Dark Roast. Friends and relatives who visit from out-of-state always remember the full flavor coffee we have in Louisiana.

In fact, on our last vacation to Tennessee, we stayed at a campground and the manager asked if we had an extra pound of Community Coffee upon learning we were from Louisiana. Since I only brought one pound along for our trip, we took him a Ziploc bag of Community Coffee Dark Roast so he could brew a couple of pots of Louisiana Coffee.


If you want to try a flavorful, full-bodied coffee with a great aroma, I would recommend Community Coffee Dark Roast. You don’t have to travel to Louisiana to get this coffee in modern days, you can order direct from their website. Enjoy a cup for breakfast or when you are just relaxing!

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