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Puppy Toilet Training Ideas, Tips And Guide

Adding a puppy to the family is not only a joyful event, it is also a commitment. Puppies add so much to families, including work! When deciding to get a puppy, make sure to be ready for the initial time it will take for puppy toilet training. This is an important step in incorporating your new puppy into your family. Puppy Toilet Training Ideas 

The type of puppy toilet training that will be used should be determined before the puppy is even brought home. There are several ways to toilet train a puppy. One type involves the constant supervision of the new puppy. This can only be done if the owner has the time to invest in being at home with the puppy for most of the day. Puppy toilet training with this method, really involves paying close attention to your puppies signals. Make sure the puppy is aware what door it needs to go to in order to be let outside. 

This puppy toilet training method involves taking the puppy outside on a leash, to a particular spot in the yard, can encourage the puppy to remember what it needs to do. Make sure to praise the puppy when they are done, and don’t allow the puppy to start playing before they have completed their duties. Puppy toilet training using the paper method is another idea. With this toilet training method, papers are laid in a pre-approved spot for the puppy to use. 

There are also, special papers that can be purchased from any pet store that have a scent that will draw the puppy. This puppy toilet training works best when the puppy is spotted getting in position to relieve them, the owner must take the puppy to the papers and encourage them to use the papers. As the puppy learns to use the papers, the owner continues to take papers away, making the spot smaller. The papers will eventually be moved near the door, and then the puppy will be placed outside to do their business. 

Another fact in puppy toilet training is that unless you actually catch them relieving themselves, finding a mess and then yelling at them leaves them confused. They have no idea why you are angry, as they will not remember making the mess. When catching your puppy relieving themselves, make sure to stay calm. Tell the puppy no, and then take them outside and praise them for finishing outside. Puppies will respond to positive reinforcement more than being punished. Puppy toilet training can take a few weeks; but, in the end, your new family member will understand what is expected of them and will be more than willing to work for your approval.

Some people might find it difficult to potty train their puppies and there’s no denying that it is indeed one hell of a task where you have to take care of many things at a time, not least of which is the pup’s tantrums especially if it is a Shibu Inu when it comes into training so it is better to keep a Shiba Inu Puppy Training Book in handy so as to get a gist of what to expect.

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