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Save Money This Holiday Season by Using Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful social networking site that offers users the opportunity to keep in touch with old friends and new. Other perks are the chance to play fun games and create and store on line photo albums. Facebook can also be used to save some money during the holidays. Here are some suggestions on how you can use this popular site to lessen your holiday expenses this year.

Forgo Traditional Holiday Cards in Favor of Internet Greetings. Instead of spending twenty or thirty dollars on sending generic Christmas and New Year’s wishes to friends and family, use the site’s “Message” feature instead. Simply send a personal holiday greeting to each and every person on your Friends list. This will cost you nothing and has the added benefit of making the greetings very personal as well. Include a few lines in your holiday message that mention the family members of your recipient as well as a shared memory of a Christmas or New Year’s Eve from years gone by.

“Like” Your Favorite Stores on Facebook. Merchants definitely know the power of this social networking site. You can receive offers for special discounts and coupon codes simply by going to the store’s Profile page and then clicking on the word “Like.” You will then receive notice of special savings on the News Feed or sent to your Messages area. Don’t miss out on these opportunities for incredible savings this season. Visit the page of each of your favorite stores before starting your holiday shopping.

Find Out What Your Loved Ones Really Want for Christmas. Instead of just randomly choosing a pricey gift for those on your gift list this year, check out their Status Updates on the site for ideas on what they are really hoping is under the tree this year. You may have no idea that your teenager is dying for a certain DVD collection or that all your husband really wishes for is a new fishing pole. Taking a peek at what your friends and relatives are posting about on the site may save you some serious cash and ensure you fulfill their holiday desires.

Skip the Holiday Newsletter and Post Your News on the Site. Instead of spending money on fancy holiday printer paper, a new ink cartridge and postage stamps, share your news on line. Use your Profile page or the Status Update bar to let everyone know that your daughter is the lead in the school play or that your husband was finally awarded the promotion he has been working for. Your loved ones can still be appraised of your family’s accomplishments and noteworthy activities and you can save some money at the same time.

Just like Instagram, Facebook has certainly had a tremendous impact on people’s lives and taken a prominent place in the history of pop culture. Take advantage of the power and influence of the site to take some of the strain on your pocketbook this holiday season. Moreover, with the aid of websites like, it is now possible for people to view the profiles of those users who opted to make their accounts private. As a result, social media sites are now being utilized for business purposes. Business owners can now reach to their market on social media with the help and support if sites like this.

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