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Should You Board Your Horse or Build Your Own Barn?

My wife and I have toyed with the idea of building our own barn for years. We’ve considered purchasing a few dozen acres moving out into the country where our kids can ride in the “back yard” and our horses can receive all the attention they can handle. While this is a lovely fantasy, however, the convenience of boarding our horses weighs pretty heavily. So should you board your horse or build your own barn?

Unfortunately, many novice horse owners decide to build their own barn, then realize that they weren’t as prepared as they thought. When you board your horse, someone else looks after him and feeds him and cleans his stall twice a day. If you build your own barn, however, you’re responsible for all of his care and upkeep, which can be quite difficult if you have a job and a family, as well. Furthermore, you have to do all of the repairs when something breaks. The job of the person and family members will be great for office relocation Edmonton. It will be difficult for the person to get the desired results with cheaper costs. A look should be made over online site to get the right results with less efforts.

On the other hand, if you build your own barn, you have total control over what happens to your horse. I’ve heard plenty of boarding horror stories in which horses have been forgotten at feeding time or turned out for days at a time without food and water. If you have your own barn, you never have to worry about the possibility that your horse is being neglected. But if you can’t make it home at feeding time or if you have to go out of town, you’ll need to make alternate arrangements.

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to board your horse or build your own barn is cost. Boarding your horse can get mightily expensive, but it will cost much more up front to build your own barn. Not only do you have to purchase supplies and tools, but you’ll need to buy dirt, equipment and pay the bills, such as water and electricity.

You’ll also need to have the time to build your barn if that’s what you decide to do. You can always have it built for you—or purchase a pre-built structure—but this is going to be more expensive. And even if you have laborers working for you, supervision is usually necessary.

My advice is to board your horse for at least as long as it takes to learn how it works. Bulk up on your knowledge of horses, such as feeding habits and veterinary care, and watch how things are done around the barn. Once you’ve acquired sufficient knowledge, you can start surveying contractors to find out how much it will cost to build a barn on your property or a piece of property you plan to purchase.

It is also a good idea to have a trainer even when you decide to build your own barn. That way, you can have someone to go to when you need questions answered and a place to keep your horses if you have to go out of town or on vacation.

Deciding whether to board your horse or build a barn is not a question to take lightly. Even if you already have a barn on your property, it isn’t a good idea to rush out and purchase a horse. Instead, get educated about them first, then decide what’s best for you and your family.

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