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Ten Tempting Gardening Blogs

Most gardeners love to share their passion with other gardeners. We love to share ideas, tips and perspectives are always welcome, at least for this gardener. We have each had our own great successes or failures in our gardening lives, and someone else canal way stand to learn from our personal gardening lessons. Here are ten of the gardening blogs I follow for great information, ideas and occasionally a good laugh.

Eco Scaping is a blog that I started reading back when it was called “Garden Junkies”. I started reading the blog because the writer, Monica Hemingway, is currently living in my state, which means that the zone specific information was particularly useful in the informational posts. Now that the blog has slightly shifted its focus to more ecologically friendly lawn and garden posts it has only become more interesting. This is the perfect blog for those that read gardening magazines or websites and feel like those writers expect you to know as much as they do on the subject. If I knew all the answers I would not be looking for more information, and Monica seems to have been in the same boat and gives all the necessary information rather than glossing over the details.

Your Organic Gardening Blog is a regularly updated blog that makes good use of tags so it is easy to go back and find information that you need as you need it. The information in the blog covers everything related to organic gardening, from safe pest repellants, recipes, which flowers will best attract the insects that you want in your garden and basic gardening information.

Heavy Petal is a gardening blog from an unexpected perspective. The blog dubbed itself as “from a West Coast Urban Organic gardening perspective”. Intrigued yet? I was, and found myself drawn in and reading back page by page when I first discovered this blog. Andrea Bellamy, who is a home and garden writer living in Vancouver, Canada, maintains the blog. That would be zone 8B, which is a couple zones different from my own, but I still find some fantastic information in the blog.

This Garden is Illegal caught my eye because of the title, and kept my attention as I read blog entries the first time I stumbled upon it. The bog does cover gardening, the wonders of nature and is full of interesting bits of musings and facts that relate back to gardening. What I love about this blog, and keeps me reading regularly, are the interjections about how garden related things affect everyday life. The posts that I read make me want to be friends with the writer, Hanna, even though we live states apart. Complete information will be obtained from official site of the websites. For the person, this website has numerous articles that should be helpful to neophyte gardeners. The information will be correct and true for the person interested in the gardening of the foods and fruits. 

Garden Rant is a blog by four women that are sick of the ‘perfect’ gardens we see on magazine covers and on television. They focus their posts and attention on real gardeners and all the rambling and sometime chaotic aspects to our lawns, gardens and lives. Rants include doses of gardening reality, information on gardening, gardening in the media and the affect gardening can have in everyone’s lives. I love this blog because I can see that they all love gardening and while they think gardening is important and powerful, they do not take themselves too seriously.

From Seeds to Harvest is a blog maintained by Noelle Kaler. This is the perfect blog for those that love to garden but have limited space in which to do so. The blog gives advice and personal experiences about everything from starting seeds for garden planting to which plants grow best together in companion planting. As a gardener with limited yard space that would result in viable vegetable gardens, I appreciate the advice and similar experiences.

66 Square Feet is the blog for Marie Viljoen and her adventures, including gardening on a terrace in New York. He blog is about life, gardening, food, cooking and living in a small space with a man and a cat. The blog also covers her trips to South Africa and the complete love of nature. The pictures included in the blog are stunning, and the information is interesting and helpful for fellow gardeners trying to garden as much as possible in small amounts of space.

Grown in the City is another great blog for readers working with small spaces. However, the maintainer John Reinhardt also includes information on home improvement, farmers markets and any number of topics related to food grown in an urban environment.

Shirley, otherwise known as the “EdenMaker, maintains Eden Makers Blog . She is a California based professional landscape designer, gardening coach, and broadcaster that also hosts a “Garden Police” on HGTV. She also hosts The information in the blog is categorized well, and is searchable.

Our Twenty Minute Kitchen Garden is a blog based on the idea that a garden can be maintained but healthy and productive if the gardener simply spends twenty minutes tending to garden business every day. No matter what the season there is always something that can be done to make your garden better and more productive, and this blog helps keep me motivated, remind me to do things I might otherwise forget about and gives me new ideas and information that makes me a better gardener.

There are more great gardening blogs out there, some of which I also follow. Nevertheless, as always I had to limit my list to something manageable and readable. If you have a favorite garden blog that I missed feel free to post it in the comment section so that other readers have a chance to check those sites out as well.

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