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The Best Keurig K-Cups for People Who Want a Dark Roast Coffee

Keurig coffee systems is a traditional coffee supplier has become increasingly popular in the past few years. The Keurig coffee system allows coffee drinkers to brew one fresh cup at a time in a matter of seconds using individually sealed Keurig K-Cups. Dark roast coffee lovers will discover that many Keurig K-Cup coffee blends are made especially for dark roast coffee fans.

Dark roast coffee blends for Keurig K-Cups are made by a number of Keurig K-Cup brands. These dark roast blends are best suited for those who love Starbucks or a strong expresso strength flavor. Some Keurig K-Cup blends for dark roasts are clearly labeled as such on the package, while others are sometimes mixed in labeled under a bold or extra bold label.

If you are looking for a dark roast coffee in Keurig K-Cups, consider trying some of the best dark roast Keurig K-Cups. If you need a boost on the strength of flavor, consider using the smallest cup setting for the most powerful dark brew.

Timothy’s Espresso Blend

Timothy makes quite a few different Keurig K-Cup blends and their Expresso blend is the best so far for a smooth dark roast coffee. Timothy’s Expresso Blend provides expresso flavor and strength to a regular cup of coffee. The dark roast is strong enough for those who want a full flavor taste in the morning.

Tully’s French Roast

There are plenty of French Roast dark coffee blends available as Keurig K-Cups but Tully’s French Roast is one of the smoothest blends of dark roast coffee. Tully’s is a good choice for those who like the dark blend of a French Roast coffee in the morning. This blend offers taste and smoothness with low acidity.

Coffee People Black Tiger or Jet Fuel

Coffee People has some of the best Keurig K-Cups on the market. Their dark roast blends are among the smoothest and strongest available. The Coffee People Black Tiger blend and Jet Fuel are two of the dark roast coffees for Keurig to get a jump start on the day. Both of these dark roast coffees come in single Keurig K-Cups, as well as in a variety pack which includes Organic and Wake Up Call Keurig K-Cups. Both of these Keurig K-Cups by Coffee People are also darker roasts, labeled as extra bold.

Newman’s Own Special Blend Extra Bold

Newman’s Own is included on this dark roast Keurig K-Cup list because it is the darkest medium roast that can be found as an extra bold Keurig K-Cup. Newman’s Own Special Blend Extra Bold is a good choice for people who want a full-flavored medium-dark roast with plenty of flavors.

Green Mountain Dark Magic

Green Mountain makes many different Keurig K-Cups to choose from. The Dark Magic blend is especially suited for those who enjoy the darkest roasts of coffee. The color is nearly black when brewed and the taste is strong enough for dark roast coffee fans.

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