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The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

There are thousands of diet plans guaranteeing quick weight loss, from shakes to pills, the list can go on forever. What if I told you I knew the secret to lose weight and you probably have it in your fridge right now? This article will discuss what foods you can eat to actually help you burn calories and lose weight as you follow the Noom diet. These Noom diet reviews will help you understand the effectiveness of this diet plan as well.

After doing hours and hours of research, and testing these foods on myself, I have finally found a way to lose weight that does not require a miracle drug. The simplest best way I have, found to lose weight, nature provided for us. Did you know that there are certain foods that will actually make your body burn more calories than they contain? It’s true, I have found nine fruits and fifteen vegetables that actually cause you to lose weight. All you have to do is to add them to your daily diet. This is how it works. Say an apple has 100 calories, it takes 150 calories for your body to digest the apple therefore, you have burned 50 calories just by eating this apple.

Here is a list of the fruits that you can use to lose weight:

1 apple

2 berries

3 grapes

4 grapefruit

5 kiwi

6 oranges

7 strawberries

8 watermelon

9 apricots

and Vegetables:

1 asparagus

2 beets

3 broccoli

4 cabbage

5 celery

6 carrots

7 cauliflower

8 cucumber

9 chili peppers

10 lettuce

11 sweet potatoes

12 spinach

13 tomatoes

14 yams

15 zucchini

If you want to speed up your weight loss even faster, eat foods that are high in fiber. High fiber food such as the ones above, make your body work harder to digest them and burn more calories then they contain. You can also, add a fiber supplement to your diet. To raise your metabolism, drink a lot of water. Scientists have proven that after you drink a glass of water, your metabolism begins to raise. Just imagine if you drank 8 glasses a day!!

A few more great foods for you to add to your diet that will help you lose weight and be healthy are salmon and almonds. You will benefit from both of these foods greatly. If you want to lose weight even faster, add 15 minutes of exercise to your daily routine, three times a week. After two to three weeks, raise the quantity of time up to half of an hour three times a week.

Every day, people come up with new miracle diets that are said to help you take off the pounds really fast, but the best way to take off pounds is a natural way. Add a few new foods to your diet and get some exercise then you will see those pounds drop off.

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