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The Key Preparation Guidelines For House Painting

Sometimes people tend to dread painting their homes. However, it can be made enjoyable with the right amount of planning and preparation. While it is indeed a time-consuming job, one can take a planned route to achieve a good finish. The colour of the walls has the power to influence the mood of the residents. It is also a reflection of the residents’ style. To get the desired finish, there are a few steps of planning involved. Read on to know how to ready the home for painting.

Expert advice

Given below are a few pointers from an expert’s point of view. For those who cannot paint their homes by themselves, there are several cheap painting services in Singapore.

Experiment, but meaningfully

Having plain white walls can be boring to look at. It is a good idea to experiment with colours. However, the results of some experiments can be extreme! To avoid that, plan the colours based on the room size. Dark colours in small rooms can make the room look cluttered. Consider factors such as the natural light in the room, the ceiling height and so on, before shortlisting the final shades.

Primer is a must

Priming is a part of the preparation process. It shouldn’t be missed. If the paint is applied directly on the wall, there can be some undesired flashy spots. For a clean lookone should use a primer before beginning the painting work. It provides a good base, and the paint adheres well.

Things to remember

The tools used for painting must be prepared too. Remove loose fibres if any, from the paintbrushes and rollers. Dirt particles and loose fibres cause fuzziness and are a barrier to obtaining clean strokes. Give the paint brushes a gentle tug to check for fibres that stick out. Invest in other tools that one may require – a sturdy ladder, painter’s tape, roller extenders and the like.

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