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Three Great Websites for Self-Publishing

In 2012 there are many websites out there for self-publishing. Knowing which one to choose may seem like a daunting task, so it’s important to hear what people have to say about them. These are the sites that I have tried.


Lulu, which offers print on demand services, is a good place to go for a small project, but if you want to go all out, beware, it will cost you. The thing about Lulu is that it offers you services that help your book and even the cheapest package, which includes a basic cover design, editorial review and formatting costs $729. This is a bit steep for an aspiring author who has yet to sell a book. The highest package, which offers a premium cover design, full copy edit, and 25 hardcover copies, costs $4949.

One good thing is that Lulu offers templates to create not only books, but calendars, yearbooks, and photo books, among other things. The templates are easy to use, even for people who are not that computer savvy. For the short photo book I published, I found the quality to be excellent. The glossy paper worked well and the colors were vivid. The only drawback is that I had to overprice my book in order to make a profit because of the price per book, so for publishing my novel, I decided to go a different route.


CreateSpace, which is owned by Amazon, is a great place for publishing a book. The cover and text templates are easy to use and the best thing is that CreateSpace titles are distributed through If you want the expanded distribution package, which makes your book available in bookstores, libraries, and through online retailers, it will only cost $25.00. CreateSpace offers other paid services for editing, design, and marketing, which can get pricy, but basic services won’t break the bank. Also with CreateSpace, you can price your books reasonably and still make a profit.

With my own cover design and ISBN number, creating my book was easy. When I received the proof of my book, I found the finished product to be excellent and my 274-page book looked no different from a book that was bought in a bookstore. With the ISBN on the back and the company logo on the spine, my book looks very professional.


Blurb is one of the cheapest web hosting 2020 services you can choose from. It is another print on demand company which is great for making photo books. The template is very simple to use and I think that it is actually fun to design a book with Blurb. What’s good about Blurb is that there are many sizes and options to choose from when creating your book and the pricing is reasonable with small 7×7 inch photo book costing just $10.95. All Blurb books are available through the Blurb bookstore and you can always check out the newly released titles.

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