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Top 10 Low Calorie Breakfasts

1. Scrambled Eggs

 Scrambled eggs are one of the best breakfasts you can have in the morning. Eggs are high in protein and low in carbs making it an ideal choice. If you really want to drop you calories down you can have an egg white only breakfast which will reduce the total calories even more. A large egg is around 70 calories so a standard breakfast portion of 3 eggs would be 210 calories in total. If you opt for egg whites only (20 calories per egg), this is cut down to 60 calories in total.

2. Coffee, Bagel, Low Fat Cream Cheese

 A wholemeal bagel and fat free cream cheese can be a great way to start your day, especially if you need an energy boost in the morning before you go the gym. Adding a good quality coffee from freshly ground coffee beans will help energise your body and produce a sight thermic effect, raising you core temperature to help you burn more fat throughout the day. Total Calories for this meal is around 260 calories. Just make sure that you don’t add cream or sugar to your coffee or the calories will increase. We find that picking coffee beans that are naturally a little sweeter like these blue mountain coffee beans, can make it much easier to stop putting sugar in your coffee. However, if you are determined to add something sweet to your morning brew then opt for cinnamon or stevia.

Oatmeal is both high in protein and high in fibre and is really a must on a high protein diet. The oatmeal helps your overall digestion and makes sure you trips to the toilet are a little bit more comfortable.

3. Grapefruit

 Grapefruit lowers your bodies insulin levels which means that the body does not store sugars as fat to the same degree as it normally would. This helps you burn fat right up to you next snack or meal plus as it is only 80 calories it is an ideal breakfast for the calorie conscious.

4. Fruit Salad

 Many dieters are scared to eat a lot of fruit due to the sugar that it contains, however, first thing in the morning you need something to get your furnace roaring and a fruit salad is the perfect way to do so. As fruit contains a high level of dietary fibre, it promotes better digestion plus the amount of vitamins and minerals in fruit salad mean that you are keeping your body protected from potential illnesses and diseases.

5. Whey Protein Shake

 IF you are in a rush in the morning, then getting at least 20g of protein in your system, 30 minutes after you wake up can dramatically help you achieve your fat loss goals. Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Body reveals this gem in his book after testing it on hundreds of people around the world.

6. Muesli

 Muesli contains nuts and oats, is high in fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates, making it a great all round low calorie breakfast. Coming in at only 230 calories per serving, it keeps you daily calorie intake down while making you feel fuller for longer.

7. Wholemeal Toast and a Glass of Skimmed Milk

 At only 60 Calories per piece of toast and 80 calories per 250 ml serving of milk you can afford to add some additional treats to this breakfast such as a thin layer of honey, peanut butter or jam. This breakfast provides a healthy balance of protein and carbs to allow you to fuel your day.

8. All Bran

 The famous colon cleanser, All Bran contains very high amounts of fibre and some protein. Eating the cereal with skimmed milk is not only low calorie but a great investment in you gastric health. Although it is not the most exciting of breakfast, we recommend that you work this breakfast into you day at least once per week.

9. Ice Water

 Coming in a zero calories, ice water is perhaps the best thing to have as soon as you wake up. Although you will not get any nutritional value from water, it will get you system working quickly and will reduce hunger pangs throughout the day. Many dieters, who use intermittent fasting to lose weight, say that regularly drinking ice water helps curb their appetite and makes them feel more awake and energetic throughout the day. On top of these healthy foods for your diet, you may also want to take leptitox. It is a weight loss supplement made from all natural ingredients. Hence, it is safe and healthy for your body.

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