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Top Beautiful Places to See Dalat from Above

Phoenix Mountain, 5 km from city center, is one of many popular tourist attractions in Dalat . From Phoenix Mountain, visitors can admire the peaceful, dreaming nature painting here with Truc Lam pagoda nestled peacefully in the green side of Tuyen Lam Lake, watch the young green pines trees and grass and dark green old pine tree clusters, small huts of the gardeners scattered on the terrace in distance, Voi mountain….

All of them create a romantic and peaceful painting of the nature, and make visitors coming here be fascinated and captivated.Located on Mai Anh windy hill, about 1 km from the central of Dalat city , Domaine De Marie Church is not only famous for the design of unique architecture, but also is an attractive destination for travellers to discover the beauty of Dalat from above as it offers a very clear vision, people can observe the entire city.The pink painted walls maintained over time, along with the roof system shaped like the hollow of Highlands ethnic has created the uniqueness for the church.

Visitors can feel gentle, warm when seeing kinds of lush green trees and flowers blooming on campus.Located next to the Valley of Love, with a total area of nearly 12 ha, despite not being as high as Phoenix Mountain or Langbiang mountain, Mong Mo Hill is one of the ideal tourist destination for visitors to admire the entire poetic beauty of Dalat city.Known as a Dalat in miniature, Mong Mo Hill is filled with flower’s color, with a ingenious and harmonious combination between natural masterpieces and buildings bearing the features of Vietnamese culture. Coming to Mong Mo Hill, visitors will indulge in the beautiful space with soft curving stretch of road embraced by colorful flower beds.

From the top of Mong Mo hill, the entire landscape of the rose garden blooming beside the white mulberry terraced- fields, and rolling green mountains shaped like a girl who is lying on her side with plump breasts full of energy will be captured in the eyes of all visitors.Pedagogical College of Dalat has long become an ideal destination because of its unique architecture. Seen from a distance, the school is like a small tower in an arc with the pink orange ancient bell tower bringing warmth to the chilly plateau land.Not only attracting visitors by architecture, the 4th floor of the building is a location which has a spectacular view.

From here, visitors can watch tranquil, peaceful Xuan Huong Lake, and enjoy the pine hills stretching endlessly.Known as the highest mountain in the southern city of Dalat, Pinhatt peak is still quite wild and does not has many services as they are in Langbiang; therefore, if you want to conquer, it would be quite difficult.However, once the visitors reach the top of Pinhatt, you will be immersed in enjoying the fresh cool air , can cover, see wholly the immense beauty of Tuyen Lam lake, small birds moving on the water, the city of Dalat in the distance…. If you take the time to get up early and catch the sunrise sunlight from the summit, it must be a wonderful experience for those who love photography.

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