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Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tips

When it comes to revolution, social media boom has been the most prominent to have come out in the past decade with sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube becoming top favorites that has prompted social media marketing into a lucrative deal where people want to know How Much do YouTube Ads Cost? so as to earn extra revenue.

I am constantly getting better at social media marketing , or the promotion of my articles, blog posts, pages and videos on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This article is the latest in my series of updated versions of the truth as I see it when it comes to traffic building through social media sites.The number one way for me is still Twitter, and I make no bones about it, I simply use Twiends, get tens of thousands of random followers, and tweet as much as humanly possible. I tweet things that random people might find interesting enough to click on. That’s about all there is to it. You could say that the same is true of Facebook, and that’s my second tip, although it doesn’t really bring me anywhere near as much traffic.If you focus on Facebook, it will work out well for you, but I don’t get traffic so much from people seeing my posts to my profiles and pages in their news feed, I get it from ranking the pages on Google, and in a Facebook search. It’s too complicated to explain quickly, so here is a video on how to do Facebook SEO. That’s pretty much the same as ordinary SEO, but you do a lot of cross linking on Facebook from other pages, and get some likes to help.Linked In groups are great if you can find a group with lots of members that is relevant to your niche.

You don’t want to spam groups with things that aren’t relevant, or they will throw you out of the group, and perhaps the site, but I joined all the social media marketing groups, and I use Add This browser add on to bring up the Linked In share page.Stumble Upon is good, but you have to be active on the site, which means having followers who accept shares to their toolbars, and vote them up. I’m not really sure if this works as well as it used to, but basically I’m still voting up all the shares to the red numbers of my toolbar in exchange for people voting up mine from theirs.You Tube is great for getting traffic, so long as you make really good videos, as the best way to do well on You Tube is simply to have good stats like bounce rate, social shares, etc. You can’t really manipulate those figures too much, although you can help a video go viral by doing some social sharing or advertising to get the initial amount of views. Google Plus is a good site, but I wouldn’t say it’s a great site for getting traffic.

It’s important to be a part of, and you should learn how to use the rel=”author” tags properly if you want to get your photo next to your search results.Establishing authorship can from what I can tell actually improve SEO and click through rates on the Google SERPs. I’m not sure how to do it for article writing sites like this yet, but I think there is a way, I did it on my main blog.You could get some traffic from Yahoo Answers , but it’s not a site for spamming answers at people, you have to look like your’e answering the question with a relevant link which isn’t your site, and it takes a while of answering questions before you can get to post live links. Be careful to read the terms of service is all I can say there, but it is possible to get some traffic by getting the answer to rank highly on Google with your link on it.Relevant forums are great for getting some traffic, by having your link in your signature, but you shouldn’t spam forums, and you should be aware of the SEO implications of having too many links built all at once. Some would say that forums are not social media sites, but I say they are, as you’re being social by talking to other people who share your interests.It’s good to join groups on social media sites, make high quality pages, get tons of friends and followers, and keep making good stuff. That’s how it works, and that was my top ten best free social media marketing tips

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