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Types of Wood Joinery

Good benchtop jointers? We have them all. Check out this post so you can learn about the different types of wood joinery. 

Basic Butt Joint

There isn’t anything that can be more basic than the butt joint. What this basically means is that two basic joints butt into each other. These joints are fastened together through the use of a mechanical fastener. Most of the time, this kind of joint is used when you are working on window framing in a construction site. 

Mitered Butt Joint

This one is a bit similar to the basic butt joint. The only difference is that the joints are fastened together in an angle. The great thing about this kind of butt joint is that the end grain will not be visible. It is also more pleasant to look at. But in terms of sturdiness, the basic butt joint is a whole lot better. 

Half-Lap Joint

The name practically says it all. This means half of the joints that are being fastened together are removed. Of course, if you think about it, this has the potential to weaken certain spots but still, this is a lot stronger compared to both mitered and basic butt joints. 

Pocket Joint

Look for the angle between two joints and pilot a hole in there. That is how you create a pocket joint. Even though it sounds easy, you need to know that the drilling of the hole needs to really be accurate. Therefore, you need to use a commercial jig for this job. 

This kind of joint is used for the creation of appliances that doesn’t need a lot of strength but most of the time, you will often see it being used for the creation of cabinet face frames. 

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