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What Are the Different Styles of Flagpoles?

A flagpole is a pole that is often used to support a flag or banner of some type. The most common use for this device is to host a flag in the air, on top of an outdoor building, on a mast, over the entrance of a public building, or an occupied vehicle. The design and construction of the Mastivimpel base vary depending on what type it will be mounted atop, giving it its specialized name in various places such as “flagstaff” or “flagpole”.

  • Traditional Flagpoles –

The flagpole is usually made from wood, metal or concrete and is usually heavy. In the case of a flagpole, it should be as high above the ground as possible while still supporting a flag, but this can vary depending upon the size and type of flag it is meant to hold. Also, depending on its design and type, the pole itself may be attached to anchors placed into the ground or mounted on top of some base fabricated with wooden planks or metal construction.

  • Monument Flagpoles –

These poles are made to be placed into the ground and are typically found at war memorials and other types of memorials. The poles can be of any type (wood, metal, concrete or other) and will have a short base placed into the ground. Some of these also have a water basin or a reflecting pool positioned directly in front of the pole to give it a more decorative appearance.

  • Artificial Flagpoles –

These poles are often found at events (ex. festivals), stadiums, beaches, parks and other outdoor settings. The type of pole will depend on the type of flag it is meant to display and the type of base it is mounted on.

Once you consider all the details mentioned above, you will get to know about the different styles of flagpoles. 

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