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What is BTS?

It is a technology supported by entrepreneurs, investors and next-generation developers with a common interest in finding solutions for the free market, harnessing the power of decentralised consensus worldwide. Bitcoin was the first completely autonomous system that uses decentralised consensus technology to create a global network of efficient and reliable payments. Its main novelty was the use of Blockchain, a cryptographically protected public accounting book that facilitates the transfer of value from one person directly to another.

The creators of BitShares say they can extend Blockchain’s innovation to all industries that depend on the Internet to provide their services, whether banking, stock, lotteries, music, auctions, among others. A digital public book allows the creation of autonomous distribution companies (ADCs) based on the DPOS (“Delegated Proof Of Stake”) protocol, which is to create a distributed network of 101 delegates who are responsible for verifying and writing the blocks in the block chain. In addition to this task, these have specific tasks such as maintaining the price associated with BitAssets and other functions.

Delegates should also provide extra value to BitShares, for example, a btc38 representative that will include BitCNY in their exchange, another Bter that will offer the use of BitDolar, etc. The community votes for what adds value to the ADC as logical. The usage of cryptocurrency can be counted under 3 Tips On How To Make Money Online.

Another important feature of the DPOS protocol is that it gives delegates the opportunity to decide what percentage of transaction fees will be eliminated, i.e., how many more transactions there are between the wallets and with external platforms, more BTS will burn and fewer will be left In the market, increasing its value

What is BTS?

BTS is the name given to the crypto coin used in the decentralised exchange that Bitshares performs through its system and has a market value similar to other crypto coins. At the same time, it uses the smart coins better known as BitAssets; these are Tokens of digital assets that have eliminated the burden of price volatility

This means that the bitUSD, bitEuro, bitCNY and bitGold will always be traded close to the face value of the dollar, euro, yuan and gold in the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Opertion and uses

This system is helping companies, and buyers avoid the hassle of having to continuously transfer their money between crypto coins and cash, thus avoiding costly price fluctuations. For merchants, BitAssets are providing the opportunity to trade in the value of their favourite currency or merchandise without leaving the privacy and convenience of the block chain. And for all users, BitAssets pays a daily interest rate that rivals or surpasses most savings banks and is an effective way to make international transactions and change currency without the need for a house of exchange.

Where can I buy Bitshares?

 You can open an account on the Cripto and Bitcoin exchange web of BTCdirect, CCEDK, BTER and then trade Bitcoins for bitshares, or make use of openledger, the trading platform created based on bitshares in conjunction with CCEDK in Denmark. Hence it can be said that bitcoins despite of some disadvatages are still preferred by the traders. The bitcoin exchange has shown some of the positive effects on the business of people. 

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