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Why We Have An Illegal Immigration Problem

Well let me begin by saying that I have absolutely no problem with immigration, especially from Mexico being as Mexican blood is in my family. The fact is though that illegal immigration is causing a serious drain on our already seriously drained economy. Legal citizens in need of social services such as W.I.C. , food stamps, Medicaid, or financial aid are losing more and more benefits, not to mention the fact that average working class Americans that pay their taxes are footing this bill. Have you priced individual insurance policy lately? What about auto insurance? All of these things are considerably higher than even five years ago because of this immigration problem.

I have heard stories that they come here because they pay no taxes and get big government loans. Through research I have found this not to be true for illegal immigrants. Most of the time several of them use one s.s.n. to get a job and being as only one tax refund can be received on this number. It seems to me some one somewhere is pocketing this money because most immigrants have lower paying jobs where they would receive maximum tax refunds at the end of the year. So taxes are going in and only one refund being paid out. So in layman’s terms illegals are paying taxes but some one somewhere higher up is pocketing the money. The working of the immigration lawyer in Toronto, Ontario will save the money of the person. The paying of the illegal taxes will be reduced and their refund will be made available to the person.

In a society where banks and markets are crashing, wars are taking a major financial toll, and our dollar is way down on the world markets. Why are we letting this happen? It is my belief that what I explained in the previous paragraph is the reason for this catastrophe. So why is it that we are blaming big business, the insurance companies, and this nasty little war we have waged for our troubles? Our welfare system and other social programs may be a drain. Greedy CEO’s may be a drain. The Iraq war may also be a drain. What I am seeing though is that our greatest drain is the fact that we are letting illegal immigrants come into our company for the profit of some one somewhere in our political system. The solution to immigration is simple, open the borders and force them to have visas and insurance before they can come over. With the influx of new money coming in insurance prices would surely go down and immigrants would gladly pay to have an opportunity to live in our great nation. So it being that easy to solve this problem, why have we not heard of this idea on any media station or news paper? Surely I’m not the only person that has noticed this conflict of interest. Though I am not a believer in conspiracy, it sure seems like something is going on.

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