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Your Social Media Marketing – Why to perform it?

In your social media marketing there is ‘good practice’ and ‘bad practice’ is perhaps something that may at first escape your thoughts when you first engage in social media.

Just as you can offend and annoy your friends, there is language and practices that are not just ineffective but offensive.

Disruptive behaviour that you may have met in the classroom, or on the streets of where you live, is often the same kind of disruptive behaviour that you can meet or take part in on the internet whether you mean to or not. You can comprar views instagram to get the right results. The marketing is the best with the right techniques. The promotion of the brand and products is great to have the right results. There is a requirement of the skills and excellence to increase the followers and views. 

Online recipients of your messaging have no social context with which to gauge your communications, as such, you need to be careful.

The aim of this article on Facebook marketing is to cover practices that are considered anti-social.

1) Spamming

Even people with below average IQ are not idiots. The act of sending the same message over and over again with no time in between messaging is considered spamming. In addition, sending unwanted communication is also widely considered spamming.

Not providing the opportunity to opt out of marketing communications is not just illegal in some countries but also often results in negative communications spreading about your firm, messages or products.

2) Argumentative Responses to Criticism

There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of “the customer is always right,” however, as many of us know that run businesses know, the customer is often not right.

With that said, by making the customer feel valued and their criticism (if any) has been taken on board and responded to is a great way in which to defuse a problem.

It’s often best, if the customer perceives themselves and responded to as if they were right even if they are not. By not responding in kind aggressively you can take much heat and ill feeling from customer’s criticisms.

My mother always used to tell me “if you’re not going to say anything nice, don’t say it at all” nowhere is this more true than your social media marketing.

3) Only Asking For Something When You Want Something

Many social media experts like to portray social media as your own personal money tree that you can shake from time to time for dollars. What they often don’t say is that much like a tree your relationship with your social media list needs to be nurtured, if possible you should give relevant and related things for free or more cheaply that normal such that people feel like there is value in the relationship.

Adding value to a relationship is a great way to get something back in kind. We call this reciprocation; let me illustrate this for you in real life it’s likely that you have a family member that will offer something for you and then later ask something in turn making it harder to say no.

4) Unwanted Messages & Controversy

Few things divide more than religion, politics and belief systems. Whilst the recipients of your social media messages may be interested in what you have to offer, they are more likely to ignore what you say when you accompany your messages with unwanted religious or political messages that accompany them.

5) Ignoring

Customers like to believe that their business and opinion matters, no matter how low ticket their potential or actual purchases are. Not timely responding to communication is perceived as a slap in the face by many.

Despite the fact that that an individual may not have purchased something from you previously, they may well do in the future. Furthermore, if someone has purchased something from you and has a problem, they won’t deal with you again unless you solve that problem to their satisfaction even though on that particular transaction you may end up encountering a loss.

Those that complain are also more likely to widely communicate, and with feedback websites like Trip-Advisor a negative that turns into a positive can significantly impact future sales.

6) Rambling and Begging

You’ve likely come across them. People that come over to you begging more money, perhaps they’ve rambled about nothing for 10 minutes about something that you have no care or inclination to talk about.

You are likely to have noticed that even charities don’t beg for money anymore, that’s because begging is ineffective. Charities don’t talk about hundreds of cases of where they’ve provided benefit.

Instead, what you’ll find they do is to make it seem like that money that you give provides something in return and they talk about emotive specific instances. They cover a specific case clearly and concisely in their advertising.

Your messaging should be clear and concise when providing your social media marketing stories; you should offer value such that the transaction is perceived as a win/win.

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